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  1. I've gone with solar for the April one - this spot is really very, very nice
  2. I've recently switched from a OSC to a mono camera. Previously I would do the calibration and integration and then process everything from then on as one image. With mono, at what point do you combine? E.g. should I be doing any changes to each separate channel first? Background extraction etc..?
  3. OO.. that's a good idea with the current spot!
  4. Very nice images Dave and lovely to meet you at Kelling!
  5. We really enjoyed judging this one, some excellent shots of Comet 46P and great to see some animations, videos and unusual compositions too. The winners are.... 46P & The Pleiades - 2018-12-16 By PhotoGav 46P/Wirtanen Animation By Stub Mandrel P46/Wirtanen over the Haldon Belvedere, Exeter By John Baker
  6. We are running a bit behind (as always!) launching the April challenge. We've running out of ideas without repeating ourself so, if you have any ideas for challenges, please let us know in this thread
  7. Wow! That is staggering! Will be gazing at that for awhile
  8. Blimey Olly that's a beauty!
  9. Yes - don't use the ST4 port unless you have no other choice, communicating via the serial port on the handset or even better, EQMOD using an EQDIR cable and bypass the handset completely will give better, more reliable results.
  10. What's your preferred method, how and why?
  11. Best to start your own thread here Louise: https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/287-discussions-eeva-equipment/.
  12. I'm still not clear Gav - it sounds like this IS an idealogical issue and no matter how many NVers you would still want, on principle to post in the observing section? I disagree with the argument that others wouldn't have discovered you if the posts were in a different section - usage stats of the forum don't support that people use the forum in that way, only looking at specific sections. That same argument could also be used for any other new technique or method in astronomy and we essentially get to the argument where we shouldn't separate observing and imaging or video astronomy etc.. etc.. as otherwise people might not find those posts either - it's simply not the case. I would actually argue the opposite, having a clearly marked NV forum where all NV posts are together could help somebody who comes across it or finds it through googling 'night vision and astronomy'. Having all those posts in one place with equipment information and observational reports with NV kit would be really useful. As it stands this information is spread everywhere and there is no single place to go and find it - one could argue, perhaps that's why there are only 4 of you currently? There is also another point here, there are plenty of visual observers, using the observing section that don't want to see NV posts in there and don't agree they are the same thing or even close. The recent decision to request that NV posts clearly state in the topic title that they concern NV reinforces this.
  13. The argument in all of this that resonates with me is the timing issue - have we made this change before there is enough NVers to warrant their own section? My concern though is will the NVers EVER want to have their own section or is this an idealogical issue whereby you will always want to be part of the purely visual observing sections regardless of how many NVers there are posting?
  14. This change isn’t just about NV it’s about ‘electronically enhanced visual astronomy’. NV is just part of that. We will not be making any changes until we see from the stats and activity levels over the next six months or so what difference these changes make. As this section grows we will look to divide it out further but at present NV doesn’t have enough content to justify its own section.
  15. Exactly that I was loathe to call them 'EEVA Observing Reports' for fear of confusing things. There is also a new area to discuss EEVA specific equipment: https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/287-discussions-eeva-equipment/ This discussion area is for general EEVA discussion, tips, tricks, techniques etc.. As things develop we can adjust to and split out into further sections as necessary.
  16. Very nice Mosaic! That's a lovely FOV nicely processed
  17. Super - very impressive detail coming through
  18. Following - also looking for some good Spring narrowband targets
  19. Very nice - for some reason it's bigger than I imagined it would be. How long were the subs?
  20. I'm sorry you feel this is an attempt to hide away these new techniques particularly as the aim is the absolute, complete opposite. We genuinely believe these sorts of techniques are a big part of the future of amateur visual astronomy so much so, they deserve their own section and, this is just the start of some of the things we hope to do on SGL to encourage these newer areas of astronomy. I hope that after reflection you reconsider.
  21. Welcome to the new electronically enhanced visual astronomy or, EEVA section on SGL Over the past few years, a number of new avenues of amateur astronomy have developed: video astronomy, live stacking, night vision and others. There has been lots of debate and discussion on what to call these, where they belong and how they are defined. Unfortunately this has often led to conflict, disagreements and entrenchment. SGL wants to encourage these new forms of astronomy, we believe they are going to be hugely important areas and want to help foster and grow the techniques, methods and equipment used. We also want to recognise that some of these techniques are 'different' to traditional visual observing and could cause confusion or unrealistic expectations for people reading topics if they weren't aware of the equipment being used to help enhance the views. They are also different to traditional imaging which is why we feel they deserve their own areas and recognition within the community. As such, we have coined the new phrase: EEVA or EVA which stands for: electronically enhanced visual astronomy. We hope this offers a catchy acronym which can be embraced by the community and used to describe these techniques and methods and give them their own area of SGL which we hope to foster and grow to become as important as the existing observing and imaging sections. We are open to feedback and suggestions but hope, after a pause of reflection you will see we are trying to do something good here, for the right reasons. Thanks, Grant on behalf of the SGL admin and mod team.
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