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  1. We will be recording and will look at making this available to people who can't attend. This will be subject to each speaker giving permission. Meeting links and ID's will be sent nearer the time
  2. I'm using the steel tripods with these. Found the standard star adventurer tripod fine when not extended but not for doing anything to high up. I've used the GTi a lot as well but it isn't as good at following the sun, spot on in the center of the FOV all day long as the SolarQuest.
  3. I didn't find that in my testing John - I tried a Lunt 60 B1200 Pressure Tuner side by side with the DayStar 60 and found I could see some fainter prominence detail with the DayStar than the Lunt and with slightly better contrast too. Up until that point I had been using the Lunt for maybe two years but decided to swap for the DayStar which I still use. I also tried the larger DayStar 80 but found the additional bulk / expense not really worth it for my needs vs the 60, particularly when the sun wasn't doing an awful lot! The downside is the heating up time and more cables in the way... Don't get me wrong, the Lunt is a beautiful scope but I found adjusting the pressure tuner a pain and in terms of value, it is much more expensive than the DayStar. Whichever you end up going for, have a look at the SolarQuest mounts - that has been the best solar investment for me. I now have two of them - for outreach it is absolutely fantastic and for just leaving running, tracking it will go all day so you can keep popping back out for a peek.
  4. The camera is an older ASI120MM but we are going to be upgrading it to an ASI120MM-S as the one we sent over is a very old one and has been a little flakey... The bracket, is a Rob @ FLO special - Rob looks after our workshop and is brilliant at designing little gadgets and brackets like this. This one was 3D printed and has a sprung mechanism to clamp on to the dovetail - we may well release this at some stage as a product - assuming there is demand
  5. We don’t normally allow this sort of questionnaire but, Neill asked special permission and as we met and spoken to Neill on a number of occasions and like the work he is doing at Go Stargazing to support amateur astronomers, societies and others across the UK lo find and share astronomy we’ve agreed this can be posted.
  6. Only just finished episode 2 so will let you know! Busy waiting for the next Nathan Lowell audio book to be released as well!
  7. Yes - sorry we are behind on these, mugs are now here and will ship next week.
  8. Enjoying coming along for the ride on this one - great write up!
  9. Temporary fix in for now but its currently rebuilding the search index so will be slow and not 100% up to date.
  10. We are working on this now, please bear with us.
  11. Sadly over the Christmas break Pulsar Observatories suffered a break in at their workshop in Norfolk. Some tools and other items were stolen but most importantly, Steve Collingwood's very special, hand made (by his own hands) 3" f/16 BCF brass refractor has been stolen. This was the last scope made at BC&F after nearly 300 years so it's a big loss. Many of you may already know Steve, he has been part of the amateur astronomy community for a long time now and is definitely one of the goods guys so please keep an eye out in case this scope pops up for sale somewhere. Any sightings please let me know and I will pass it on. Below are some pictures:
  12. All, There is a bug with the way cookies are working on the forum caused by the new year rollover. This affects all forums using the same platform as us and the forum developers are aware and will have a fix for this issue shortly but, due to the new year holidays it may be a day or so. Please don't keep reporting it - we are aware and will put the fix in place as soon as it's released. Happy new year! Cheers, Grant
  13. The ESP_XXXXX WiFi network is from the Skywatcher dongle - it probably indicates an issue with the WiFi dongle itself as it shouldn’t be broadcasting that WiFi network ID. The GTi mounts occasionally broadcast something similar if there is an issue and they need a firmware update.
  14. Congratulations to the winners - joint second on this one as well NLC arch frame By Daniel-K Milky way, Jupiter and Rho Ophiuchi By alexbb HDR Lunar eclipse and clouds By Ethan Roberts Teesdale aflame... By clarkpm4242 https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/339127-teesdale-aflame/ Congratulations @Daniel-K, @alexbb, @Ethan Roberts and @clarkpm4242 please PM me your addresses so we can send you your prize mug
  15. We are woefully behind on this apologies - catching up this next week. The winners are: Full Arch Over Joshua Tree By HunterHarling m16 By geordie85 M13 The Great Hercules Globular Cluster By Graeme1858 Well done @HunterHarling, @geordie85 and @Graeme1858 - please PM me your addresses so we can send your prize mugs out
  16. Yes The data will be hosted somewhere and we will share the access details on here. We are still deciding the best way to offer the data at the moment but I suspect we will end up offering publicly the integrated, calibrated master lights that can then be processed from there. If anybody wants access to the raws, we can look at that but I have concerns around the amount of bandwidth this might consume!!
  17. That's why we've created this new forum area specifically for IKI Observatory discussions The idea is to use this area to share results, data and to collaborate on choosing targets and creating sequences.
  18. Andrew and Simon - lots of good ideas there - we will start some separate discussions on the science side, initially we will focus on imaging but definitely want to dedicate a % of time to other projects and hopefully @Helen can also weigh in on good projects to participate in
  19. If you prefer a more open version the AtikBase is similar - uses StellarMate in the backend so Indi/Ekos but has built in power distribution / focuser control in the hardware as well. It lacks the front end mobile interface though.
  20. That’s not really a fair comparison - the ASIAIR comes with case, 32gb memory card, memory card reader, a good quality usb to serial cable and a really good 12v to 5v usb power adapter so the price difference is much less than that. True you are paying for the software but as somebody who has been using the ASIAIR for over a year now and before that used a StellarMate (the OS alone for that cost around £50) I can honestly say the ASIAIR has transformed my astrophotography and from what I know now, I would pay even more than the cost of the ASIAIR for what it does. I would like to see other devices supported but understand the amount of extra testing and support that would be required to achieve this - not to mention the commercial side of things. I’m not convinced that the open source community will catch up with the front end apps for the ASIAIR anytime soon - ZWO have a years head start and I’ve not seen anything yet to rival it. Look at it a different way - if ZWO were selling the software by itself commercially how much would it be worth? If you look at the licence costs with things like SGP, Pixinsight and Maxim then the ASIAIR is an absolute bargain. I’m very excited about this rumoured pro version but appreciate it’s not for everybody and I am very happy to admin I’m very biased on this one because of how much enjoyment it’s given me this past year or more.
  21. That's a beautiful capture - not come across this object before either! Thanks for sharing
  22. Sorry I had to leave these announcements to Steve, I've been away in Lincolnshire today with the kids visiting my parents but spent most of the day on the phone trying to sort this out after hearing from Lucksall this morning. Nothing else to add other than to say I am gutted, I love coming to the star party and it's seeing everyone have a good time that makes all the effort that goes on behind the scenes worth it. This year, all the effort has happened without the end result
  23. Lovely first light images Francis - shows the potential of the RASA 8 and the what can be done with short subs / less data. Really nice fields of view too. Look forwards to seeing more of these - I'm getting very tempted to have a play with one of these RASA 8's myself....
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