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  1. Shame tonight is so cloudy. Was hoping to see Neptune for the 1st time, by using the Moon as a sign post.

  2. http://aurorawatch.lancs.ac.uk/ It got up to a red alert for aurora, however its misty & cloudy where I am. Why is the weather recently? I hope it gets better for the eclipse.
    1. Vince1963


      don't hold your breath,forecast says no. :(

    2. paraletic mirror

      paraletic mirror

      Yeah I seen the alert and it was hazy but clear at 56N and I stayed out for 2 hours and saw nothing

  3. Looking forward to a great day in the History of Space Exploration tomorrow. Hopefully the first ever attempt at a soft Landing on a Comet goes well.

  4. Spotted M110 for the 1st time thought it was a comet at 1st as I've looked at M31 so many times & never seen it. Unfortunately its now cloudy though.

  5. Saw satellites that looked in formation at 21:13 UT making it the 3rd for me.

    1. jabeoo1


      That channel is brilliant, cheers for the link.



      You're welcome, yeah does some very good steams good for cloudy nights & to see the view of large scopes plus the inserting info they say.

  6. I managed to find NGC 637, thanks to looking at the background Stars, near the Comet tonight.
  7. Found NGC 637, thanks to looking at the background Stars, near Comet Jacques.

  8. I find open cluster hard to identify. I did quite well tonight though by looking at them on Stellarium before & after I look at them though some seem to glow more on Stellarium than through my scope at least.
  9. Thinking about it the street lamps in the north are just the nearest street lamps really they are all round except up & down (their light shines up & down though)
  10. I spotted M52 for the first time at 23:46 (UTC+1) I thought it looked interesting though it was ruined by the fact I was attacked by lights in all directions except down. Well the north is where the street lamps are on all night & just before I saw M52 the neighbour in the east put their lights on, then lights came from the neighbours in the west & south, then would you believe it? a light came from up, a helicopter with a flashing light flew with a powerful light enough to be seen reflecting off houses. Part from that it was a good night the Moon was nice when it was still daylight &a
  11. C/2012 K1 (PANSTARRS) 20th May-1stJune was too sure how to represent the comet so it all kinds of odd shapes. I hope the stars are roughly in the right places though.
  12. Shame about it being so near to the Supermoon (10th Aug) this year, still looking forward to it though.
  13. That's ok. But what excuse do science documentaries with animations that represent The Sun from space have?
  14. I hear the Sun is white (http://www.universetoday.com/18689/color-of-the-sun/ http://solar-center.stanford.edu/SID/activities/GreenSun.html) This is true right? If it is white then I think the most annoying thing it that it hardly ever represented as such.
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