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  1. So would be a better idea to get say a hitecastro guider? This would act as the the auto guider part?
  2. Hi all hope everyone is well so after 4 years my eq3 synscan finally lives a again, I'm wondering if the update cable I got with it paired up with my prolific chip USB to serial converter could be used as a guide cable to send the info via PhD to guide with? Using a Playstation eye webcam too? It's USB to serial then the serial part to st4 so would fit the auto guide port on my motor controller? thanks all para
  3. A tiny amount and it was literally just contrast adjust and done thanks for all the awesome comments atb para
  4. One from the 31st single shot iso 100, 1/125, 150p and 600d on an eq3 thanks for looking para
  5. Thank you all, and yes Kabi (with a heart of gold)is currently neck deep in the m.c, and I thank him massively Atb para
  6. I have bought all replacement cables (rj45) including a cat5e ethernet which is the same as the wire you get with it( the curly one), dont have a volt meter but if you think it will work i will get one, as for being savvy i am not lol sorry, been asking my father who is more clued up on these kind of cables how i would change my connections for stepper motor to rj11 to fit a astro eq box which on the verge of giving up and buying, he was round all day on staurday as we bashed through ellimination techniques, leaving us with the same thought something wrong with the M.C atb para
  7. I did indead do this very recently and brought it back to 3.27 with exactly the same result "no link to m.c"(the terminology is different between 3.37 and 3.27) atb para
  8. Hi all this is the original post, wondering if anyone near me can help me test whats wrong basically Basically last year i bought a eq3 synscan with a 150p, all worked fine untill i tried to update the firmware on the handset and the motor controller box, i had no problem updating the handset from 3.27 to 3.37, but after trying with the motor controller it said it would not be found no matter how well i followed the instructions from skywatcher, now my handset will not talk to my motor controller leaving me with no goto as i can not get them to play nice or at all for that matter!!! ive tr
  9. As said the handset still comes on when powered via the controller, obviously you can power the handset on its own, when setup as you would normally be when turned on the handset still displays but then says "both axis no response, no spewing as no link to motor controllers If anyone wants to try it for me i, im,willing to send it to try and get it fixed, ?? Atb hari
  10. I saint I am not lol desperate to get the new part I was lol Im currently sittingnwith my dad who is wire minded and very good Witt things like this and still nothing, think I'm destined to buy astro eq unit and convert my motor wires? Atb para
  11. I bought it second hand but the eq3 seems one of the newer models, no idea of firmware on the motor controller as it never connected atb parar
  12. i agree james, ive pit up an sos on the scottish forum im a member off but no takers, if anyone wants me to send them the bits then more than happy todo that too deperate to get it working is an understatement atb para
  13. tried different cables, cant flash the motor controller as cannot be found, the handset is powered via the motor controllermount) as said it still supplies power to the handset this way which is the way it waswhen it was working, yes in order to update the handset only the handset is powered, i know its not a definite diagnosis but i see no wires broken withing either the handset or the motor controller. maybe one of the wires has bent but i cannot see anything wrong in that part as i tried putting the wire in both parts included the update wire direct to the motor controller as in no way was
  14. i have no idea if im honest, i don't tend to get out much between family and work, im a member of a scottish forum but its been a long while since i was on it, i will have a post on there and see if they can help too, thank you jambouk atb para
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