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  1. @Astro_Dadthe T mount in your link would need the right T ring for your camera, though looking at your picture you already have the T ring. Your picture button little black piece looks like the actual barlow element (described as a shorty barlow) that's great it would likely screw onto the T mount (like the one in your link) when you wanted to use a barlow.

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  2. The super evoguide now comes with a dovetail fitting, and earlier in the year this was not available to get separately if you had an original 50ED which I do (FLO now stock this Link).

    I picked up a second hand bar and will be using two fixing spacers, m4 countersunk alan bolt x2, nylock nut and washer to fix the 50ED plate to the dovebar.


    In order to fix the plate I still need to drill one hole in it as the existing holes are too close together to use both.

    A quick scribble to work out spacer needs with the EVOFF-v2 and realised I would need some and as stock was currently delayed I would make some.


    Found some plastic destined for recycling that I could use. I don't need to paint them black as they're not seen by the FF.


    I also need to find the micrometer on order to measure the thickness of my home made spacers as I may need to cut some more.




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