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  1. I had roughly the same experience, just one month later on the 27th (or maybe early 28th) of May. It was also at 2 am and for the first time in months I could clearly recognize the milky way. Jupiter was just as you described and perfectly placed between 2 rows of trees, an hour earlier or later and it would have been out of view. A very nice experience at such an unusual time for a working day.
  2. I tried a few times in the spur of the moment when I happened to notice something, but the reactions were at best lukewarm and some just wouldn't believe that you can see the ISS or Jupiter with the unaided eye...
  3. Meteor showers are pretty much a constant to at least some degree. There are currently several daytime showers active and the ANT (associated with sporadic meteors, but usually included in lists of meteor showers) will produce at least a few meteors every hour. It could even be part of a yet to be described shower.
  4. I see those 2-3 line satellites at least a few times each year. I've seen even rarer pairings, but those might have been one offs for a satellite launch or ISS supply missions.
  5. I encounter the critters tonight. They were not where they were predicted, but higher in the sky and 5 min. later than scheduled. It's now more a chaotic traffic scene than a train though. You can clearly tell they're moving into separate orbits. There were even 2 that had bright flares. It was a beautiful scene to behold, but also a worrying prospect for stargazing when all 12000 of these things are up there.
  6. I have to say this comet is very disappointing up until now. I read all kinds of exciting reports about how bright it is going to get and that it was 5th magnitude already, but when I held up my binoculars what I saw was no brighter than nearby 8-10 magnitude stars. I hope it improves significantly in the coming nights or this could well turn out to be my most disappointing binocular comet viewing yet.
  7. Rocket bodies also fly at low altitudes and can go very fast. One will pass over the UK tonight sometime between 0020 and 0030 appearing fairly low above the northwest horizon heading north(it will be visible for a minute or so).
  8. There were several satellites visible around that time, at least two of which (both rocket bodies) would have travelled southwards through or very close to the Plough. One of those also got close to the paths of a few other satellites on orbits staying closer to the horizon which would explain the odd/disappearing behaviour of one of the lights you saw(most likely candidate for this object is the Iridium 38 satellite).
  9. It was the same here, mostly clouds with just glimpses of the moon. It cleared enough to properly see the moon a while ago and there was only a hint of a shadow left on the outer rim of the moon. Oh well, on to the next astro event.
  10. Great picture. I could use a holiday myself to see some clear horizons. It's all trees, concrete and street lights here.
  11. As Mars is fairly low on the horizon late at night, might it have been some sort of structure on the ground appearing in front of the planet?
  12. I think he said it reminded him of his new album/song Blackstar.
  13. I remember watchting that show and being disappointed too. I was really looking forward to the best new watch for the spring season. And they got me again last autumn.
  14. I was imaging it for the first time just now and I couldn't find it at first, partly due to me expecting to see a tail, but there wasn't one visible. I think I did barely see it with the naked eye though, so conditions weren't that bad.
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