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  1. Cant remember how to work it out. I think it is something to do with the field of view and its magnification but cant figure beyond that
  2. I have a 25 with an AFV of 2.9 degrees so I am told (cant remember how they work it out,. another thread coming up), however I am told andromeda is three degrees so maybe need another EP but not just yet, piggy banks almost empty.
  3. These chaps here http://www.firstlightoptics.com/az-goto/skywatcher-az-goto-mount.html Seen one secondhand and just wondered if 1) would it be ok with a 130 f5 newt and 2) how do they attach a scope, is it still by dovetail? Or is that something else you need on top of your battery.....
  4. I should add that as I haven't got the rings, I dont know if this is the case but just what someone commented
  5. Thats what I thought Haitch. Which is why I opted for the Barlow. Still fiddly I know but much less so. Also I read on here though somewhere its more a case of deciding what you intend vewing at on the night and setting it up as per and thats it rather than fiddling around in near dark trying to adjust your EP. So although they add another dimension to the EP they are less flexible than a barlow in that respect.
  6. Yes I looked at those twotter and did a lot of working out and if I upgrade my scope will definately be a consideration, thnaks for the heads up though
  7. And thanks qualia, but i reckon the one from Stu fits the bill and I can simply pick it up instead of ordering online, thanks anyway Steve
  8. Hey Stu thanks for that, I shall call into Argos on way home, thats a bargain in comparison, nice one
  9. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Petzl-E49PC-TacTikka-Plus-Headlamp/dp/B0007Q3R3O/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1354015978&sr=8-7 Ok was just browsing for a filter and then found this instead. Just wondered if anyone has one or has any thoughts on this before I buy. Its the fact you can use it to set up with hands free with white light, flip down the filter and you have red but also has three settings for the lamp so you can adjust it to the conditions. Not sure though about it being right above your eyes so has anyone got one or got any thoughts on it?
  10. If I can add my little bit here, I was scared to death about collination but once I saw a live demonstration that was explained, it made it sound so simple. I had read a lot of threads and advice posts about this but 10' mins with a man who can, well qorth a weeks reading. My advice is try to find someone local to meet and speak with. Steve
  11. Nice work Stu, good when you can spend without guilt, lol. Most off the optics in my sig came from money I wasnt expecting, so my mrs can't complain. (getting marrried in 18 months, so need to tred careful)
  12. Sorry I dont think that comment is clear. I agree that a 2x and a 3x makes a 6x.
  13. well I am new to this but common sense would dictate that if a 2x barlow changes a 20mm to a 10 mm by magnification, then why does a 3x barlow not become a 6x when used together. Hand up if I am missing something. Steve
  14. Ok foundaplanet, I thought so but now I know for sure. I shall bookmark this, study it tomorrow and get my head around it. Thanks for the info Steve.
  15. Sorry DBushell I don't want to hijack your thread, so hope you don't mind me asking this question whilst this topic is fresh. I have been a little confused about this and so decided to bury my head until reading this thread. Do you need to align your scope EQ mount each time you setup and even if your mount is not motorised. (mine in manual) Until now I have seemingly managed but I wonder if I am missing something. Steve.
  16. Thanks wookie, yeah I will try but use some light card first until it looks right. Great idea though, a little engenuity can save you a lot of money and stress.......
  17. Thanks wookie, I shall copy that one. I did see one made out of a old pop bottle and those are free once you have drunk the pop, lol Steve Dam, forgot I have to buy the vecro, (grumbles)
  18. I have seen it on here before but I cannot find it now. It was made out of an old plastic pop bottle and fitted on with velcro. I have finally got the pop bottle but cant find the article DOes anyone know what i am referring to and where to find it please Steve.
  19. Yeah the scope is an Astromaster 130EQ John. I took some advice about EP's fom a chap at a local observatory and the choice is based upon information I got from him. If I do upgrade to a higher powered scope at some point the theory being, I could either sell the Barlow and get another EP to bridge any gap or maybe go for a lower powered Barlow. But whatever I know the EP's bought should hold thier value pretty well. Steve.
  20. Well I needed some better EP's and I did consider cheaper options but my astigmatism didnt help. However I got some secondhand so that kept costs down plus I have just had some unexpected cash land with me so here is what I ended up with: Celestron X-Cel LX 25 & 18mm Baader Hyperion 13 & 10mm Celestron X-Cel LX 3x Barlow Based on my Telescope focal length, this gives me 25mm =26 magnfication, 18 = 36, 13 = 50, 10 = 65. Barlowed the same sizes give 78,108,151 & 195 mag. Thats probably more than I need I know, but the Baader 13 was too good an offer to let it go. One thing I figured
  21. what were you using at the time to view this please, interested for my own viewing next time out when moon is less......
  22. JonnyP, when you have been in other forums such as I have, you comment is a compliment my friend. I love the banter, its a part of what makes life fun.
  23. And I don't believe a single one of you has mentioned a thermos full of hot tea or coffee. Come on guys thats serious slacking Anyway, on the sunject of sitting, what does anyone use? Thats something else thats gotta go on my list at some point......
  24. hahaha, I know cold mate, I used to do a lot of sea fishing from beach and shore. Casting a five ounce lead into the teeth of a northwesterly gale teaches you all about cold, lol. I still have some of the clothes somewhere, but smelling like a cross between a foisty old sock and a fish market doesn't appeal to me while I am gaving into the skies. However there have been some great tips on here, some I know, others I didn't. Hnce the question. I have no doubt some other people have taken something from this thread too. Remember people, the only stupid question you will have is the one you don't
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