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  1. No i think once your signature is changed it changes on all your post. Admin please dont think im butting my nose in with this post its just a idea as its something i would benefit from knowing where people are when thet say they have clear skies and i dont Regards
  2. What does everyone feel about adding your country of some sort of flag to signature ? I find i talk to people on here but dont know where they are from I have added my country at bottom of my signature Regards Daren
  3. Todays reports 14th jan 2010 Pictures of Mars reveal astonishing beauty | The Sun |Features yesterdays reports 13th jan 2010 http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2805295/Mars-probe-shows-trees-on-planet.html
  4. Right i think its a Cheshire collimator for me then
  5. Ok after avoiding this subject i have had my scope now for around 5 months and feel i have to face it like a man 2 questions what would be easier the lazer tool thingy or a Celestron ColliCap ? Regards
  6. Yes im after mars at the moment but without telescope she just looked great the other morning there was snow on the ground in my backyard and she just looked golden awsome sight and feeling made me shudder
  7. I have resulted in looking at stellerium the next best thing lol !
  8. Went out last night around 11pm hunting mars down - Found mars but was still a bit blury - i could see a feint goldish light with red at the top of the planet. I must admit seeing is getting clearer than my last sighting of mars and im sure but cant be certain that i saw detail for a slight second - im still finding keeping both eyes open whilst viewing does give me some good results - The instrumets i was using for the night was as follow 8" Dob 17 mm plossl 7.5 plossl Regards ps now i just have to get around the wife for my barlow for my birthday
  9. I usae a old foot stool thingy from the living room - sshhh but dont tell my wife !!!
  10. As a newbie starting out this year i think saturn early morning, light just coming up was the one for me - please let me know your best view of the year ? Daren
  11. Hi i would like to wish everyone on this forum a merry xmas and a happy new year
  12. Wasn't using a barlow so i wasnt that close and also she kept fading - but im hoping for a better view soon
  13. 7.13 AM and i creep downstairs get the scope out point my binos just above the moon and bingo there it is SATURN. So i point the scope loaded with my 17mm plossl and there it is - wow what a sight i could see the rings. So i ramp up the magnification and double wow it looks even better so i run upstairs and woke the wife up to see saturn and even she was impressed - happy days - oh well thats another one under my belt - i think its the best i have seen so far and im walking around in a daze today. Regards thanks for listening
  14. i felt the same as you when i first went out about 3 months ago but i am finding that looking for objects is just as much fun i have 4 under my belt so far and at the moment saturn and mars are next in my book. I did try mars the other night but seeing was not good so i am going to get up early and catch the worm as the saying goes. Stick at it and it will come together. Regards
  15. Just watched this video in the sun newspaper any thoughts ? look like a missile out of control one observer said Spiral UFO puts Norway in a spin | The Sun |News another link to video footage of same sort of thing in 2006
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