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  1. Dazraz


    From the album: Saturn

  2. 15th march 2011 about 21.00 it just down from the moon maiden
  3. Hi can someone confirm this crator as being Harpalus ? Regards
  4. Hi im fairly new with a telescope and have recently noticed that my mirror has bits of debrie and dust on it so i got a feather duster brand new and waved it in front of the mirror and removed these bits - bit silly asking after i have done it but can i do this ? Regards
  5. Dazraz

    moon march 15th 2011

    moon march 15th 2011
  6. Dazraz


    From the album: Saturn

  7. Dazraz


    From the album: Saturn

  8. Hi i use a microsoft lifecam which i purchased from amazon for £35 and all i do is hold it against the lens and snap away. This webcam can be adjusted to mount on to a lens but involves taking it apart and i also use my webcam for skype so havn't bothered doing this. I have also taken pictures that have also come out good on my iphone again simply by putting the camera close to the eye piece. I have not yet run these pictures through coral or any other digital picture program but im sure when i do these pictures will improve - thanks for the intrest i hope this help - i have put a link below to the webcam i mentioned earlier Microsoft LifeCam Cinema goes 720p - photo 3 - Pocket-lint
  9. Hi took this picture below the other night and was wondering if someone could give me the name of this part of the moon please ? Many thanks
  10. i captured the image with a iphone 4 but had trouble focusing - i find actually pulling the camera away from the ep rather than close up it seems to work - tonight im going to try and use my webcam
  11. Last night i got my first picture of saturn and its a bit fuzzy but was wondering if anyone could touch it up for me as i dont really know what im doing with photo sofware - my view of saturn last night was awsome and very clear in kent - hope its the same tonight Regards
  12. Dazraz

    bits n bobs

    bits n bobs
  13. No i mean the cheapest sky watcher or something like that i already have a 8" sky watcher but want to go to a 10" and sell my 8"
  14. Hi live in uk and was wondering where the cheapest place online to get a 10 " dob ? Regards
  15. Hi its a really clear night tonight in kent but saturn seem to be very blurry - is there a reason for this or should i collaminate my 8" dob ?
  16. im not up to date on this so if i use the adaptor that come with the philips webcam i dont use my plossl eyepiece ?
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