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  1. what barlow do i look for i have a 8" dob ?
  2. Hi new to this forum and stargazing as some member may already know. My telecope came with a super 25 wide angle lens and a super 10mm lens. Could anyone tell me what a barlow lens is ? could i do with one ? what do they do ? And also could i do with any other lenses and can i get a lens that makes me get closer view than what lenses i already have ? Many thanks for all replies
  3. Could not believe how many replies i had in 20 minutes on this forum i give it a 10/10 and people are so friendly *****
  4. Hi so are you saying i have to put the telescope outside say 1 hour before use ?
  5. I did see banding and colour on jupiter but very feint - i found it was glowing white quite a bit also - I basically started by using the super 25 wide angle EP to spot the i chucked on the super 10 mm EP to look closer. I also got a 2" EP adapter - what is this for please ?
  6. silly question im sorry but how do i find the milky way ?
  7. Hi got my telescope yesterday 8" Dobsonian skywatcher. After help from people on this forum i took my telescope outside about 10pm. First of all i poited at the moon but as i was told yesterday it was quite uncomfortable on the eye but looked great. I will call unknow planets (ie planets i do not know the names of) dots for now. So i pointed at very small dots in the sky but they looked the same size as they did in the telescope. Is this because alot of them are to far away or is it because they are stars im not sure, i have purchased books and know that i have to get to know the sky. Then i pointed at jupiter and could see it ( not very clear ) but could see slight detail. I did find that jupiter was white - was this glare from the moon The night was quite misty and cloudy. I live in margate kent england. I have not looked for galaxies or nebulas yet but will do, I thought that everything i pointed at in the sky would be magnified ? Overall i enjoyed the night and seeing jupiter i will be getting a moon filter for the glare and will be thankfull for any comments suggestions or just facts. Regards Daren
  8. Thankyou to everyone's comments i cant believe how i joined this forum 20 minutes ago thinking i was down £200 and now with so many replies i feel great again - the power of forums cool !!!
  9. many thanks everyone im getting excited now lol !!!
  10. Hi thanks for your reply that has made me feel a lot better. Also one more question im going to try it out tonight just on the moon to begin with and i have 2 eyepieces 1. wide angle 2.super 10mm which one do i use ? Regards
  11. Hi i have just had my dobsonian 8" skywatcher delivered today and am thinking i have purchased the wrong telescope I am being told that unless i have a motorised platform for it i will only see planets for 2 seconds at the most. I was told i should have bought a telescope with a tracking system. Can someone please tell me if this is true as i am a beginner. Regards
  12. How do you find stars without a motorised telescope ?
  13. does it matter that i dont have a motorised mount or is it easier with ? many thanks
  14. Hi I am new to using a telescope and was thinking of buying a skyliner 200 pictured here http://www.livingstonetelescopes.co.uk/S-W%20Skyliner-200%20COM.htm I would to see saturn clearly and also see deep in to space at a later stage. My question is , is this telescope ok for me or should i look at something else Many thanks Daz
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