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  1. Hi, When I first showed an interest in astronomy I was 17 and had a tasco 50mm refractor telescope which I used to view the moon with great enthusiasm. The problem was that the views just werent close enough. Sure you could just about make out the craters, like small blisters here and there, but that was about it. I am now 44 and bought myself an 8" reflector (skywatcher 200p) The views with that are amazing, you can see the banding on Jupiter and the great red spot. You can also see the craters on the moon very very clearly and close up. I then bought a Celestron C11, 11" schmidt cassegrain telescope. Now that is mind blowing... What I am trying to get at, is that if you buy a small cheap telescope, you will never develop the interest with enthusiasm and will be very disappointed with the views, you may even give up on the hobby before you have even begun. This is one of the only hobbies where size really does matter. The bigger the aperture of the scope, the better the views you will get. Think twice before parting with £100.00 as you would be far better advised to save for something a bit larger........
  2. The other thing is that if you were planning on spending £1840 for a 9.25 - why dont you take a look at Harrison Telescopes - I see they are offering the C11 SGT XLT on "go to" mount for £1840. The 9.25 is £1440 - (free delivery). That way you get a C11 for the same money you were planning to spend on the 9.25.....
  3. The C11 will give you a longer focal length at 2800mm. The 9.25 has a focal length of 2350mm. The real difference will only show itself if you want to take close up planetry photography. (Photographic magnification is determined by focal length).
  4. Amazing......I must advance from taking moon shots..
  5. I have left my C11 out for hours and the outside has been dripping wet when I have brought it back in - no troubles so far, but I will definately keep a close eye on things...
  6. Just never try anything less than 4mm, im living testomony to that.. I bought a 2mm eyepiece for my 200p.........absolutely and totally useless... it just wouldnt sharpen down and the image kept going in an out of focus... Whereas 5mm is amazing..!
  7. To be honest, I wouldnt choose either if visual observing is your sole interest. I have a Celestron C11 and a Skywatcher 200p. The C11 has an 11 inch aperture which draws in loads of light and like the Maksutov has a long focal length.. Both great attributes for close up observing... Believe me observing the moon and planets through the maksutov you have suggested, will be amazing.... However, yes they do suffer from dewing, and take a long time to cool down... This really is a problem if you want to have a quick look at something, I should know, my C11 takes forever.... The ED70 - 80 would be a great scope particulary if you are interested in getting into astrophotography at a later stage... However solely for observing..I think you will be a little disappointed when it comes to planetry or lunar subjects. My 200p on the other hand is great... limited cooldown time, easy to set up, limited if any dewing.. great for close up...and distant observing... When it comes down to it....You really cant beat aperture... At least take a look at an 8" newtonian or dobsonian reflector before making your final decision (or bigger if you choose)
  8. My celeston C11 is quite compact considering it nearly has a three metre focal length...
  9. I agree with the above... save up and get a 6" dobsonian or a newtonian scope of a similar size as a minimum - That way you wont be disappointed with the views you get and will stay with the hobby a lot longer...
  10. Hi sorry about that, I realised once I had submitted the image that I had put it in the wrong section Doh ! However Thankyou for the kind praise.. I used my skywatcher 200p on the EQ6 mount, my nikon D50 DSLR set to ISO 800 - aperture of 3.5 and a shutter speed of 640. Regards Trojan.
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