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  1. I have stayed exclusive to Binoviewing since a member here recommended it to me Im sire about 7years have passed now. I only use the 31nag every so often just for a quick view just to remind myself how much better binos are. Im keeping the 31ethos... so one day i can bino with 2in pairs
  2. Hey there. I know Baader is working on a new maxbright with no official release date. But is the Mrk5 soon to be replaced as well. As im seein a few for sale and dont want to buy if its about to be replaced. Thanks!
  3. Hi Tom is the binoviwer still for sale? If so whats your approx location so i can see if i can even get to you. Thanks!
  4. Jetstream, supercharging does have benefits, the main one is to have wide FOV eyepieces ie 24mm Panoptics that dont vignette. This aspect Denises work achieved their goal. Even the WO, benfited greatly with a much more pleasing clean "viewport". Richochet, I have two of Denises Black binos. They are basically white Zeiss Binos Painted black. One is very old as looking down the prisms i can see brown rust. The Willems Optics Bino comes with an amazing x2 dinky barlow. Ive compared it with my x2 TV Powermate... and tho the PM is only slightly better, thw WO makes it look like an over e
  5. Hi everyone. Ive been off astronomy for 2 years due to moving home. 2 years ago i sent off my beloved Mrk V baader binos so Denis for a supercharge. I told him how i love them but i noticed with H-alpha the views in each barrel differ. He said its cos the Mrk V suffer from polarization (hes indeed correct). He offered that i could part exchange my mrk v for one of his supercharged "black" binos and they had next to zero polaraization (again he is correct). For the sun + quark they work great. However i am dismayed with their night time performance. Fistly they hav
  6. Ill be scared to whip out my frac in a field full of gaint dobs that can do go deeper ????
  7. Im currently using a Baader UV/IR Cut-Filter before a Quark, 127mm ES APO. Everything seems fine. However i have noticed that the a lot of heat still passes thru the filter. I know the Quark can handle the heat, its the UV im mainly hoping to reduce as thats bad for our eyes. I did some reading and i read that a supplier discovered the Baader UV/IR Cut-Filter was actually poor at reducing the heat, and that they discovered the Baader H-alpha 35nm CCD Filter does a much better job. Looking at the photos of the filter it looks extremely red! I assume this would greatly change the look of t
  8. Yeah ive seen the video of the stargate setup... it really appeals to me as ill keep the mirror box and rocker pernamentally setup for extra fast setup. I wished they had made it all from aluminium.
  9. Thanks for the replies, Stu, ive never seen them with my quark ever. 2 years ago i went to the star party in Norfolk and some folks kindly let me view thru their double stack solar scopes. The cracks looked amazing, yet ive never replicated it on my quark yet. Its good to know its possible and that its a surface feature thats does not always happen. Owmuchonomy, i think i saw that actually. It was the only dark feature on the sun, a tiny dark crack. At the time i thoight nothibg of it as it was so small compared to what i have seen in double stacks. So that very positive n
  10. Ive got the chromo version. I hope to see the cracks soon. As ive used the quark about 20 tomes in total and never ever seen them. Ive seen awesome proms on the edges everytime
  11. Ive had a quark for over 2 years now. Took it out today. Proms looked fantastic. But i relized... the quark or at least mine does not provide the surface "dark cracks" ive seen on dedicated solar scopes. I know these are infact proms on the disc surface appearing as "cracks". The only surface detail is like this photos but x3 less contrasty. Is it even possible to see the black cracks like in this photo? Im refering to visual thru the eyepiece.
  12. M31, i often hear reports that it looks under whelming becuase you cant fit it in the eyepiece. And that one needs to get an lower powered eyepiece with a ultrawide fov. I feel advice like this can lead new astronomers to waste a lot of money. Imo, if you want to get the whole of M31 in, look at it with a pair of binoculars. Cheap and simple. And what you see, its not going to get much better even if you spenf thousands. With M31, spending your money on eyepieces wont improve the view of it or increase the detail. Becuase in even the best quality scopes, it mostly looks like a faint
  13. Hi Peter, so do you mean in the UK the theres no more resolution gain by going from 16 to 20in and that the gain wpuld.be purely light gather power, ie brighter DSOs? The ES are on gen 2, and ive read about the various improvements including all Alu constrcution. The new ES 20in could well be a gen 3 as such.
  14. Does anyone here have hands on eyepiece experience of both of these scopes? Right now i have a 16in skywatcher flextube. I love it. The mirror is amazing and bests every APOs i own. I actually cant imagine how a "premium" mirror can best it. Wanting to move up to 20in. I have two options the ES upcoming 20in or the current SW 20in. The cost of each brand differer a fair bit, and i assume the difference is in the cost of the mirror. Or am i wrong and both brands use the same mirror manufacture to the same specs? I would hate to go to ES becuase of the lighter weight and chea
  15. Wonder if anyone can help, I have x2 baader Click Locks on both of my refractors. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-clicklock-m68-clamp.html Ive only used them a few times, yet the one has semi failed and the other completely failed. 1. The first unit locks the item, yet turns past its "Lock Point" with a crunching sound. 2. The second locks the item, but free spends without resistant 360 constantly. Firstly i cant even remove them from the refractors as theres no way of gripping them to unscrew. Has anyone had this issue before and how can i f
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