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  1. Welcome! What is the focal length of your achromatic 100 mm?
  2. Welcome! Nice tool yours!
  3. I will tell you that I cannot imagine a night without night (ie without darkness), here in Sardinia we are at an average latitude of 40º. Can you at least observe the Moon and planets?
  4. @Maxim Usedv. Beautiful review, a great comet hunter, William Bradfield, used an achromat of this type. Very nice photography of Stonehenge, if one goes to the UK to see Stonehenge is a must!
  5. Welcome to SGL. A few years ago the school where I teach in Nuoro (in central Sardinia) also bought a Nexstar 6 SE, it's a nice telescope!
  6. Hi Kayle, I think a 76mm Newtonian to start is fine. When I was 16 in 1983 I bought a 60mm 700mm focal length telescope with lens (achromatic refractor 60/700). Assuming that the telescope optics are collimated, you have to adjust the finder with screws that you will easily notice. In the finder you see a cross and when it is collimated what you see in the center of the cross you also see it in the center of the telescope. If this is not the case what you put in the center of the finder you do not see it at the telescope, so first point with the finder at a distant detail (for example a lamp on a street lamp), by attempting you put it in the center of the telescope (which must have an eyepiece at low magnification, I used to put 35X) and adjust the screws that I told you before, the thing must be done by trial and error. This operation must be done during the day. Once you have done this you can see what you want, within the telescope's potential of course.
  7. Welcome to SGL from Sardinia. You have chosen a nice little instrument to start with, I also have an achromatic 80/400 bought used a year ago which I really like. Usually the eyepieces they give as accessories for a telescope are not exceptional, for now use the ones you have then you can see what to buy better, a good eyepiece always lasts! I heard that London is a beautiful city that offers you everything, then in this period you are cool (we in southern Europe dream of the coolness you have in the summer, when it is 35º - 40º here we gasp).
  8. Beautiful photograph with a beautiful clear sky at dusk, the crescent moon is poetic. Once in a while that it is not raining here, it should be exploited!
  9. I am very happy with my refractor 80/400 (Konus Vista-80) bought used a year ago on Astrosell that I mount on a decent photographic tripod paid for about 100 euros a decade ago, I take it safely where I want.
  10. Well, as an improper weapon you can use either the suspenders or the trouser belt, the important thing is to defend yourself from the attacker on duty!
  11. Sardinia, from the time of Roman domination, is practically divided into two: the Barbagie (ie the inland and mountain area), which the Romans never occupied and the rest of the island. Since then the internal part has closed in on itself, there have been some openings and changes since the last century, but that's not enough. The environment is difficult, I talked too much and in 2012, when I was in Cagliari by the sea in July, they entered my house and stole my CPC 8 and Orotelli's Sardinian costume. I bought myself the Nexstar 8 SE used in April of this year but I'll be quiet as hell! I understand your skepticism, I lived in Cagliari until the age of 36, I used to come there in August when my father took vacation all month but it was not enough for me to understand the environment. The rest of Sardinia, thanks to the opening to the outside for several centuries, is practically like the environments that you all know.
  12. The big problem in Sardinia was for years the scourge of kidnappings, every year at least a couple there were. These kidnappings were carried out by gangs of people from the interior of the island, often from Nuoro, with a commandos-style operation. The kidnapped was released after a certain number of months, sometimes even many, after the payment of a substantial ransom through someone who acted as an intermediary between the kidnapped family, but sometimes he never returned, as it was for Vanna Licheri , a woman from Ghilarza (40 km south-west of Orotelli, where I live). The Italian state has managed, after many years, to crush this scourge by blocking the assets of the kidnapped and thus preventing the ransom from being paid. The last kidnapping was in 2006-2007, the kidnapped was Titti Pinna, an entrepreneur from Bonorva in Logudoro who, after several months of harsh imprisonment, managed to free himself and escape without paying any ransom. The impious thing is that the Italian state made the kidnapped pay taxes on the ransom, so it was for an entrepreneur from Macomer who had to pay a ransom of 4 billion old lire in the 1990s! The underworld of the interior then turned to the assault of the security vans, not always succeeding, or to steal the ATMs by going against them with a bulldozer; but at this point we reenter in the cases of ordinary crime even if they have their gravity. Years ago there was a bank robbery in Cagliari, which went badly. In any case, if you happen to come to Sardinia, do not worry; in autumn I tour the towns of Nuoro for a very beautiful event called “Cortes apertas” * (open courtyards) which takes place in many towns of Barbagia and no one has ever disturbed me; if you manage to put an end to this unfortunate epidemic, I certainly go there (it seems that they must organize them, let's see). * In the "Cortes Apertas" event there is a series of villages, starting from early September until a few weeks before Christmas, where antiquities are highlighted in old houses, you can eat typical products and see the monuments that are there in the country in question (Sardinia has a high density of Romanesque churches as there are practically no earthquakes, being a very ancient land), but for those who want to make a cultural tourism there is not only this.
  13. I have read this topic with interest because I too have the same problem. As I said when I introduced myself, I live in a small town in central Sardinia (Orotelli) on the outskirts. The light pollution is not excessive, you can see the Milky Way, but for some years I have been thinking about taking a night excursion to a completely dark place outside the country, about 5 - 10 km away, taking one of my short refractors with me. , or 70/400 or 80/400. In Sardinia we have the advantage of not having wolves, bears, coyotes and even poisonous snakes. I do not worry about the rest of the nocturnal fauna, they would certainly stay away from me, it is true that in the dark and alone one goes to notice so many noises that could make him worry and make him go wrong with observations. What worries me are any malicious or bored people in my country who might play a bad joke on me to have fun and laugh at me for centuries. Even the Italian law is quite strict and too much guarantee towards those who make some, defending oneself is a right of the person! However as a weapon I recommend the belt of the trousers and to hit on the side of the buckle, no legislation obliges me to wear suspenders! However, I find the suggestion to go in a group and not alone, a problem could also be putting your foot in the dark in a ditch and getting a twist, there are not only two or four-legged coyotes! If you want to laugh (and I laughed at the time when I read it in the newspaper years ago): years ago, when I was a university student (I am almost 54 years old) in the countryside of the interior of Sardinia near a town (I can't tell you which one) some people made a "trekking" in the Gennargentu mountains and were attacked by local morons receiving a severe lesson; the tapini did not know that the hikers were British soldiers in plain clothes who were practicing in the mountains of Sardinia (Gennargentu is a mountain massif with the highest peaks on the island).
  14. Surely those who buy Vixen know what they are buying, the "price" is having to spend more! Chinese production has significantly lowered prices, a 12 cm long-focus achromatic once cost a fortune, now a 120/1000 one pays much less. What is the downside? Companies that have a name check all their products before putting them on sale (Astrophysics does this, it seems strange to me that Vixen or Takahashi do not), products "made in China" (or "chinoiserie" what to say if you want) no, so one can find the successful model or the one that seems bought from the flea market ... .... I also thought that the Vixen was too expensive but thinking about it ... ....
  15. @John. Thank you. On the Konusuper 120 I must say that on the one hand in 2003 I made some beautiful observations of the great opposition of Mars, on the other hand it had a slight lateral smear when looking at the planets, especially with Venus of which it gave an unacceptable image. Last year I had it checked by an experienced and well-known firm among amateur astronomers who, in addition to telling me that it gave me a sufficient image, also told me that the achromatic doublet had a lateral chipping that I had never noticed. . Since the smear on Mars in the past autumn was too much and even by coloring the chip black I did not get anything, I diaphragmed it to 90 mm, minifying this defect. In this way, in the past opposition of October Mars was very beautiful, the instrument also held 333X and also on the Moon at 250X - 333X it gives a fairytale vision. I thought about changing the achromatic doublet but I don't know where to get it from.
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