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  1. Just a thought on the ota. Maybe try some black tape over the chip, will reduce the aperture but might be ok. Good luck Ian
  2. Ok, hopefully sorted now. The carousel wasn’t seated properly so the micro switch wasn’t reading the position correctly and I assume defaulted to 5 filters. Fingers crossed Ian
  3. Ok so my delight wa short lived. When i reassembled it and connected it 8 filter postions showed, correct. I reconnected the camera, guide camera and focuser, came inside, sent previous reply then connected via remote desktop and only 5 positions now showed. Disconnected eveything reconnect filter wheel, only 5 positions. Unintalled software, reinstalled software (latest from web site) 5 positions. Changed power supply, changed usb cable 5 positions. Thanks again for any thoughts Ian
  4. Thank All for your assistance I took the wheel apart, repositioned the wheel at postion 1 and all now seems ok Thanks again Ian
  5. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can help. I recently wiped my pc. Upon reinstalling everything my Atik EFW3 suggests I have only 5 filters instead of 7. I cant find anywhere to change this. Any ideas please? Many thanks Ian
  6. Hi, Is this for the newer EQ6 mounts or the older ones? Would you post a side on picture of the puck please? Thanks Ian
  7. Hi Mark, OSC camera, Astronomic ProPlanet 642 IR Pass filter. Thanks for the kind words Ian
  8. I had a go at Mars. The video files looked very uninspiring. Very leased with the result. Skywatcher 180Pro Mak, Zwo ASI 294 McPro camera Ian
  9. Screws into the front of the t-mount I believe Ian
  10. Have you a diagonal to increase the draw tube length? Ian
  11. Hello, I got one from pierre-Astro.com (well it’s coming) I have also got housing from Rowan as mentioned above but doesn’t include the worm gear. Looks good and well made. Will update this thread when it’s all installed and hopefully up and running. Ian
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