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  1. Have you a diagonal to increase the draw tube length? Ian
  2. Hello, I got one from pierre-Astro.com (well it’s coming) I have also got housing from Rowan as mentioned above but doesn’t include the worm gear. Looks good and well made. Will update this thread when it’s all installed and hopefully up and running. Ian
  3. Hello Again, After searching for about a week i posted the message above. 5 mins later I found one. Thanks anyway Ian
  4. Hi, I have damaged the ra gear on my EQ6Pro whist installing a belt mod and I would like to replace it. An older message recommends aeroquest-machining.com but the site is dowm. Anyone have any other suggestions, a Skywatcher one is a special order item and will take ages. Thanks in advance Ian
  5. Hi, Is this still available and where would collection be from please? Ian
  6. Hi Leon, Basingstoke Astronomical Society have a practical meeting this Thursday from 7:00pm Ian
  7. Hi, Just a t2, 2” nosepiece I think https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-2-t-2-nosepiece-and-camera-adapter.html ian
  8. I have a Primaluce electric focuser and think it’s great. One thing I would like is a hand control unit so when doing visual I don’t need a pc Ian
  9. Hi Peter, Sorted, it says on the ascom site that the hand controllers must be 3.38 or later, they were version 3. something, anyway updated the firmware and all see ok now. Thanks Ian
  10. Hi, I have been doing this for years but now I have a problem. I connect my EQ6 Pro (or HEQ5 or EQ5Pro)via the handset using ascom, now i get the message (in Cartes Du Ceil) this may not work using a version 2 handset, upgrade to Version 3 or 4. My handsets ( I have a few) are all version 3.2** Cant sync, can slew from the software. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Ian
  11. Might there be fuse that has blown. A while ago my LX200 stopped working the it was an internal fuse Ian
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