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  1. very interesting triple I often bump this topic
  2. Thankyou for this report I took it upon myself to search for them tonight and managed to bag 8 of these tonight and yes they all have various hues of red and orange but also have a kind of artificial neon feel to their colour which seperates them from other stars I feel . http://www.nckas.org/carbonstars/#Lyr. This link acts as a nice introduction to these carbon stars.
  3. I just thought I would give this post a bump as its a great star sytem both to stidy and as a challenge to get all three stars . Eridanus is well placed now so good luck.
  4. Superb effort , just look at the document of this event you have created -well done.
  5. Great set of photos- just the sort I was hoping to see you Daystar guys take!
  6. Enjoyable view tonight I found that the glare of jupiter was slightly filtered down by the thin cloud which at times helped to reveal lots of detail.
  7. As stated above great capture that is tough just to see
  8. Thanks for the replies ,this is an older eyepiece which came apart as i was cleaning it the small grub screw which fixes the lower lense came out giving access to the zoom element ,at that point i attempted to move a fleck on the element which i viewed when observing at low zoom levels,its my fault Iknow but it appears in the process of moving this the lubricant which allows the lense to move has got on the lense. Lense tissue and fluid would seem the only way but this is awkward due to its position. The only good thing is that the original mark has gone! Photos showing rear element detach and
  9. Looks like I have eyepiece lubricant grease on the inner side of the zoom element on my seben zoom. Tried a lens pen but to no avail. I would be grateful on advice on how to remove this grease from an akward inner element Thanks Rob
  10. http://astronomynow.com/2016/03/30/amateur-astronomers-video-impact-on-jupiter/ More on it here interesting......
  11. Thankyou for helping me to confirm the cloud details in the SEB
  12. For any one trying for the first time use averted vision to get the C red dwarf which is really close to B , as I discovered when getting on the second night of observing.
  13. Great work I quite like the feeling of motion created by the elliptical Io
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