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  1. What's your image scale? The stars look a little blocky when I zoom in, big ones o.k but the smaller ones look too blocky to my eye, perhaps a s5ar reduction routine might assist! Also I don't see the small nebula WeBo 1in your image but that maybe due to lack of O111. Looking a bit better though. Ray Edit...I'm going to correct myself here, I wonder if this is a stacking issue or a registration issue! When zoom in really close, I see what appear to be some very close diffraction spikes that may indicate a stacking problem leading to the poor resolution!! Just shooting ideas! Ray
  2. Wow I like that, very nice. Ray
  3. It can be and often is...an expensive hobby! Ray
  4. I read something on the SGPro forum about Moravian cameras and the way they change filters when SGPro requires them too! From what I read, Moravian software is a bit odd in that they will only rotate the filter wheel upon the start of acquasition as apposed to "prior to acquasition"!! It's not an issue apparently but can be confusing it seems and caused someone to question the software! I only raise this as a point of conversation since I have no knowledge of them being a QSI user! If you plan to use SGpro it may be worth investigating! Actually I am considering a new CCD myself for my reflector, this thread has interest to me since I was looking to buy another QSI but I may now look at Moravian! Ray
  5. A cracking image Dave, great detail in there, very clean to my eye! Ray
  6. QSI do have a repair facility in the U.k. it is David Jackson, unfortunately David repairs only the boards Im led to believe, he has no clean room facilities so replenishment of Argon or other repairs have to go to America and QSI! Ray
  7. Has this image had any flats applied, I can see at least one satellite trail on the right, I wonder if flats or lack of good flats and calibration could be a factor? Ray
  8. All good suggestions above, the first thing is to load ver:2.50 you can run the Dev versions as well, I personally run Dev 9. http://openphdguiding.org/development-snapshots/ The Dev ver:5 is the minimum you should run if you plan on using SGpro. Other than that, the USB is most likely the reason for crashing, I run a USB hub and a 20 MTR cable with a repeater, if I see a crash its usually the connection into the hub; the contacts do squash and wear out eventually! Mine are due for replacement but I just use an elastic band at the moment to hold the connection firm, it works but I do know its a temporary fix. Ray
  9. A Lovely image Olly, great to see it all in this way. Is this as shot or is it inverted in any way? Ray
  10. A good investigation and I believe you are correct, I tend to consider my threshold around 0.45! I see this as a consequence of the difference between RA and Dec RMS assuming other guiding criteria is met. Ray
  11. Looks good to me, the expected rate is dead on for 0.5x guide rate. Ray
  12. Yes it does and that's why it's difficult to guide at those focal lengths with a finder guider, flexure is difficult to control though not impossible, moreover the image scales may not be well matched. Generally it is wiser to use an off axis guider set up for image scales such as these! Don't give up, some good images are achieved with your sort it of equipment! Ray
  13. Hi John, I'm not sure what you might expect as a general guiding measure, however I can say that if you can achieve an RMS around half or less than your imaging scale then you are very likely to be getting good star sizes. One aspect to watch out for is that your Dec and RA RMS should be close....that will ensure that you have round stars. Ray
  14. I agree, a nice clean image with great star colour and a nice background. Ray
  15. Just awesome, I can see that binning the colour filters works. Ray
  16. Lovely image, you don't see many complaints about the Televue scopes, they are an excellent option to the The Taks. Ray
  17. O.k. guys, I get that....so you can (with the expertise Olly refers to) mix unbinnned and binned sub's. I guess I was hoping that the resolution lost when binning the colour would be replaced when you remix in the Ha at 1x1. Ray
  18. Hi all, anyone have an opinion on the downside of binning O111 & Sulphur filters just to aid acquisition of sub frames in the u.k. Is it worth doing ? Ray
  19. Hi Neil, I've owned mine for about 18 months now, am I happy? Yes I am...having said that; I have struggled to understand it and get to know it. Make no mistake..it ain't perfect but it has been very reliable, I've suffered very few of the common issues save one....the eccentricity in the Dec axis and I have now been able to reduce my backlash to a point where I don't see issues when guiding at the zenith. Typically, it will guide in a range depending on atmospherics of 0.45 to 1.0 RMS, on a good night with good seeing I can guide all night below half a sec RMS with very round stars I.e. both Dec and RA in good control.,..not as good as say a mensu but close enough for me! It's heavy....I use the tripod as a fixed unit and purchased a Berlbach planet for portable use! What I really like about the eq8 is its interface with eqmod......I plonk the head onto my fixed tripod run the home tool and never bother to go outside again...sit in my kitchen and it just runs great. In addition to that, I find it great for mounting my hub, my dew heater control and my focus controller.... All neat N tidy! I just plug in my power supply and my camera..job done! Some of the other issues I refer to are the Dec encoder failing, the possible water contaminated Dec axis, loose screws, rusty components. These are some of the issues I have come across on various forums. Ray
  20. Hi, as I see it, you are guiding at 3.1 arcsec per pixel, you are imaging at 0.5 arcsec pixel.....not that bad, however imaging at 0.5 arcsec /pixel is well oversampled....but the biggest issue is guiding at over 2 mtrs......a struggle to say the least but some imagers manage very well. Ray
  21. It really helps to see work this good, it sets a STD for me to attain but alas; it is difficult in the u.k with this eternal poor weather! Ray
  22. Darned hard work this weather, lucky to get a hour a week! Ray
  23. Yes I can accept that, I can lower the brightness quite easily. Ray
  24. Thanks Wim, yes after looking again, i would agree, it is on the edge. Ray
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