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  1. Actually, just found this while looking in to other mask types: Hatmann Mask Might give it a go making my own one first. If it gets used I'll buy a manufactured one. Does anyone have any experience with different types of focus mask? Bahtinov, Carey, Hartmann - any others?
  2. Hi All, Would a Bahtinov mask be worth while if I'm not imaging? I saw one on eBay for £15 and wondered if I'd see any use of it for just visual observing? Many thanks!
  3. No mountains in Essex but I want one anyway!
  4. It was supposed to launch 29th April which would have meant we might of had a chance to see it overhead in the evening (UK). Watched it live yesterday, such power! One more to go I think (STS135)?
  5. Never seen one before. I'd be very interested in how it performs.
  6. I bought a Celestron EP kit for my SW 200P. Much better. I cut holes in the case to house the SW EPs but the reality is I don't use them anymore. The kit came in at ~£120 I think (6 EPs from 6 - 32mm, several filters and a x2 Barlow). The EPs seem much better with a broader range but I'm not sure the Barlow is an improvement.
  7. +1 Stellarium. Absolutely brilliant. Clicky -> http://www.stellarium.org/
  8. I've read about this in an astronomy book I bought at the weekend. Looking forward to testing the principle out.
  9. Exactly! Still no word from the shower in Colchester yet about the strobe light that covers the town at night. It's a shame astronomy isn't a cash rich business - we might have a lobby group if it were.
  10. Further to question 2 the DS part of 200PDS refers to 'Dual Speed'. You have a 1:1 focus and a slower, more precise 10:1 on a seperate dial. I have a 200P and am seriously considering a dual speed focuser. They cost about £100. Point being, if I were buying again - I'd be sure to have a DS focuser. Can anyone out there provide more feedback on DS focusers? I'm really interested but I'm not sure if it's worth shelling out for? Many thanks.
  11. I have a Skywatcher 200P on an EQ5. No GOTO (I didn't want one) but I can honestly say I love the thing. It's big and heavy so consider that. I'm not sure but I think you can retrospectively add a GOTO to the mount?! You can also buy them with a GOTO, but it starts getting pricey. FWIW SW 200P EQ5, brilliant!
  12. It's basic, but try this: The Sky Tonight | National Schools' Observatory Also, this is better and is distinctly web 1.0 Very useful http://www.fourmilab.ch/yoursky/
  13. Cheers hayju01, I often pass Bob Russell on the way to work and I'm going to collar him. He's a good guy (so I've heard) so I'm sure he'll be able to bring it someones attention - it's not really in his remit, but I'm guessing he can point me to the right person. We'll see what happens. As for your neighbours, may I suggest sabotage?
  14. I've heard a lot about LPFs. Certain LPF for particular town lighting (match wavelength?). Is this true? Or is there a good generic filter that would be okay? I'll try some photos over the weekend (weather permitting).
  15. Looks a bit like aurora!
  16. Love it! What lens did you use for this? I will one day get around to buying a mount for my 'scope. I think I read somewhere that the scope's focal length translates to the size of lens - 1000mm for mine. Is that right? I must have a go at the 10-sec-lay-flat technique. Thanks for sharing :)
  17. idlelimey


    Also, Stellarium is an excellent and free sky map software: Stellarium Use it to see the sky in your area at any given time. It'll show you where to look for the objects you'll read about in the books mentioned by Todd8137
  18. 2110hrs approx. Gotta check against BST first tho. EDIT - It's 2047 for launch, but flys over the UK at 2110hrs. AFAIK. Universe Today has a piece on this: Shuttle Endeavour Will Be Visible Over UK Just After Final Launch Well worth subscribing to UT, it's very useful.
  19. idlelimey

    6" or 8"

    It's all about light gathering. I guess all things equal in terms of focal length and eyepiece used you'd see more in the 8". The advice I had was buy as big as you can. I'm glad I did as portability is not a concern for me.
  20. idlelimey

    2x barlow

    Simple answer, yes! Effectively doubles up your EP range. I've always wondered if there's much of a difference between a stock barlow (one that comes with your 'scope) and a premium one. Don't quote me on this, but it will also have a lot to do with your usable magnification. Anyone with a jot more experience than me could give more insight on that.
  21. idlelimey

    goto or no goto?

    Being a noob I decided it was best for me to get a manual mount first - learn how to use it and then when I'm comfortable enough with it I can invest in a 'go to'. TBH I've spent the money on EP upgrades anyway which is better for me. That being said, I've yet to properly set up my EQ mount and I still don't have to much bother bending the mount to my will. :) Horses for courses! Spend the money on a swanky new EP or get a go to. You'll certainly spend less time finding and more time seeing.
  22. Hi all! Ok, first this isn't a request to get together although I welcome any such idea. No, this a request to help me bring a stop to the irritating spotlight that is plaguing Colchester's sky from a well known night club in town. I plan on writing to the council and asking them if they could consider stopping it altogether. I live about 2 miles away from it and it roams across very part of the sky at night. My request is that if any one agrees with me, could you also put a letter in to the council and ask that they review situation? Try to believe I'm not some killjoy who has an issue with nightclubs, I just don't see the point in the spot lights. Anyone in town can't see the spotlights due to the orange illumination of the street lights blocking it out. Everyone else can though and it's really the fact that the spotlights crawl all over the night sky. Maybe Colchester isn't the only town with irritating search lights in the sky?
  23. @todd8137 - Love the guerrilla tactics on the street lights!
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