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  1. Astronomy - Stack Exchange If any of you, like me, use Stack Exchange a lot then you'll know it's very useful. Well, now there's a stack exchange for Astronomy questions too! I thoroughly recommend the knowledgeable on SGL to get involved if you're interested. It's no SGL, of course , but could prove to quite valuable to beginners and pro's alike.
  2. Celestron Nexstar 130SLT on eBay (end time 02-Jul-11 22:14:30 BST) Celestron 130SLT Nexstar for £150 on eBay. Collection only otherwise I might have had a bit of this myself. Nothing to do with me, but someone might like it.
  3. SW 200P Newt is my big scope, and today I received an ETX70 bought for portability. As for which I'd use for a quick session - I only expect to use the ETX70 on its own away from my house, otherwise I'll still use both. The other reason for the ETX is the GOTO mount. I plan to use the ETX70 in conjunction with my SW to assist me in locating objects - something I'm not doing as well as I should be.
  4. Hi All, sorry for not getting back sooner. All other EPs work fine and the focuser itself is a RnP type (although it does have a lock screw underneath). Checked that, but not the problem. I have now tried the 6mm in a couple of scopes and it seems the EP itself is must be set in the holder at a certain distance (by which I mean not fully inserted, pull up a bit and then screw the EP locks down). As previously said, I dismantled a 2x Barlow and used it as an extension and that pretty much enables adequate focusing in a refractor - due to the clouds I haven't yet tested this method on the newt. If it works out, I'll leave this makeshift extension attached to the 6mm. The EP itself didn't come with an extension or any other accessories to assist with this but I bought some parafoculising rings from astroboot which, when correctly adjusted, should be a permanent fix to the problem. The only anomaly left is why this has only started to happen - perhaps I never inserted the 6mm properly before?! I don't use that EP much so maybe I never noticed a problem. The simplest answer is usually the right one I suppose. Until I can see some skie at night then I won't have any further information. A pain as I should take delivery of my ETX this week too Note to self: Email the Met Office and tell them how dissatisfied I am with their weather. Tell them they must try harder.
  5. @Simms - I'd really appreciate that! PM me nearer the time if you think it's possible and we'll try to arrange something. Genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the level of support and character of the SGL members!
  6. Quick update. I tried the 6mm in a 70mm Meade refractor I had lying around. The EP would give me focus once I had adjusted it's position in the holder. The amount I had to pull the EP back was very different to that on the SW200P - giving me reason to accept that the position in the holder is dependant on the scope. I then took the optics out of an old 2x Barlow and used it to extend the distance from EP to scope. This worked, taking the focus from the outer most extreme on the refractor to about half out. Next time I'm out with the newt I'll test the arrangement there too - if it's a match then I'll leave he old Barlow mounted to the EP.
  7. Being a muppet hasn't been ruled out! There can't b any elements missing from it as it's quite a simple design (Celestron) and I've never had it apart. I tested the magnifying glass technique on your smiley face above and it works to resolve the RGB elements of a pixel - surprising clarity actually. I tried the focus every which way. I've ordered a parafocalising ring from AstroBoot and that should be here early next week. I'll just have to use it something like the moon to achieve the correct focal distance. While that should solve the problem - it's still a mystery to me why all of a sudden I can't get any kind of focus out of it. Is it normal for the position of the lens in the holder to vary from one scope to another? If so, then I'll chalk it up to being a noob and move on. As always, I appreciate all of your responses.
  8. Appreciate the tutorial! I'll get around to making one soon I'm sure.
  9. Here it is: http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/142903-light-pollution-maps.html Depressing.
  10. Equipment is in my sig, but according to a LP map I saw on here a couple of weeks ago I'm in a terribly light polluted area. I'll try and find the LP map and post a link in here.
  11. Odd indeed! I'll try it in another scope as soon as I can. I'll also look into a parafoc-im-a-bob ring too No change in my eyesight, no dropping either (unless somebody else did, if so they're in a bit of bother themselves ) Thanks for your help!
  12. Appreciate everything you have all said, but when I mean 'focus bother' I mean a complete inability to get any kind of focus at all. To demonstrate, here's a quick example of what I mean (through the 6mm): The seeing was awful last night and I wasn't expecting much at all. The above illustration is a when the 6mm is correctly placed in to the scope, only by pulling it p out of the scope a bit could I resolve the shape of Saturn. So, while I expected the view to be rough, I'm concerned that the EP is no longer able to sit properly in the scope. It needs to pulled this way and that to be able to resolve (to the best of it's ability given the conditions). This is just in case I haven't explained myself very well with my initial post - it may be that all your well received advice above stands. But just in case. Many thanks!
  13. Hi all, Somewhat optimistaclly I set my scope out earlier banking on clear skies. Ithas since clouded over (boooo) but I was able to get a quick Saturn view in. Trouble is, my 6mm has suddenly decided it won't focus. I've had focus out of it before (I sometimes go mad and stick on a barlow too, not so good focus) and it was fine. All of a sudden I get the light from saturn but no where near focus?!? It resembles a star when you defocus for collimation. And for the record, I haven't collimated. Ever. I have no means for collimation. Could that be the problem? Other EPs seem fine, albeit and much lower mags - 32mm and 13mm seemed to cope fine. To achieve anything like focus I had to pull the 6mm from the scope about 0.5 inch - I got what could be described as focus, but nothing like accurate focus. Any ideas? I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here. Many thanks.
  14. Just bought an ETX70 for portability and entry level imaging down the line. Looking forward to testing it out. And this one will fit on my back so no need for a sidecar
  15. I'd love to get some feedback from LPF users. I have heard that they should be specific to the lightning used in the observing area. If the feedback is positive I'd also be interested in one. Good question Jordan20!
  16. Hmmm... I'm suspicious. Have they actually tested the unit with 3.08? Guess you'll find out soon enough - fingers are crossed for you! And, it's my pleasure - I get helped out so much on this forum and it's good to be able to repay in a small way.
  17. The southern hemipshere - a whole new sky! Fantastic image, what equipment did you use?
  18. That's great! Where did you get the adapter for a Sony Alpha? Could you post a link? Thanks for sharing
  19. This recently got posted: http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/144980-talking-sky-watcher-now-easy.html SW now have a Facebook page and apparently they're quite quick at answering questions. Perhaps ask them for a software update, or indeed if the device works on 3.08 AZ firmware. Worth a try?
  20. TELESCOPE SUPPLIERS - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE This page has the latest firmware and instructions but you should seek the advice of someone who has already done this to ensure it will work and that there aren't any problems in upgrading. Hope that helps.
  21. Can the firmware be upgraded? Take the handset from 3.08 to 3.xx (whatever they're up to these days).
  22. I was looking at this last night thinking it would be a nice picture. All the more reason to get in to astro-photography
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