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  1. yeah very impressed with them yeah garden is nice and dark only light from houses windows, live in a small town on the coast so havnt got city lights to get in the way either, just need a nice clear night now!!
  2. hi everyone my first scope arrived yesterday after reading through blogs and tearing my hair out i decided to go with Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian very impressed- although complete cloud cover on the first night (i suspect this happens to everyone!) got it from first light optics, super impressed with service, very quick delivery only ordered thurs and got it tues, and looking around other sites was a very reasonable price so would defo recommend will add a photo of my new pride and joy regards dan
  3. hi guys, great seems like i got the right idea with this one thanks will upload a pic when it arrives ok astra thanks for the info, will have a look at the other accessories for after i have my scope thanks bran, never heard of a collimator but ill have a read up and see whats what thanks again for the help everyone, cant wait
  4. hi all super website i am new to astrononmy an am looking to buy my first telescope. before i joined this forum my idea was to buy a telescope with a goto for ease. after looking at other entries i realise that might not be the best way to go and have decided to learn the sky myself and spend my pennies on a scope with better size mirror as i see this is the way to get clearer images, after some excellent advice on my first blog i downloaded stellarium to my computer and also purchased a book called 'turn left at orion' was just after a bit of advice on the best scope to purchase i am looking to spend around 300, no more than 350, from looking about this seems to be a good telescope for my first Skyliner 200P 8" Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope seems to have good mirror size and is only £270.00, just wondering before i buy if anyone knows any scopes better for around this price range p.s love the site thanks dan
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    ah ok thanks very much will try it out
  6. rigione68


    Ah brilliant sounds good, will start there Thanks very much
  7. rigione68


    hi everyone firstly been having a look round the site and seems brilliant i very new to astrononomy and my experience is no bigger than over the last few years watching documentaries and the odd episode of the sky at night and old clips on youtube i have recently been interested in buying a telescope but after reading your comments it seems best to have a good understanding before rushing out and buying one, i was looking at ones with gotos and that sort of stuff but have decided to do things the old fashioned way was just wondering if anyone had some suggestions for the best books for novices to get me started, im 26 years old so maybe a kids one like 'my first space book' may not be suitable any help would be much appreciated thanks dan:)
  8. great article, was going to run out an buy a scope with my very limited knowledge, now realise best to put some work in first, need to learn a lot more, gona hunt for some beginners guides
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