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  1. markvh


    i have already asked about if should get it. but if you haven't seen the blog please tell me.. is this the best telescope to get under 550$?? thanks
  2. markvh


    how do you add someone as a friend?? thanks
  3. markvh

    6" or 8"

    can you see more throught a 8" then a 6". and so.. how mutch more??
  4. markvh


    what telescope do you recommend under 550$ for deep sky viewing??
  5. markvh

    8" telescope sight?

    what can you see clearly throught a 8" telescope(1200mm f and 10mm eyepiece)? dobsionian
  6. markvh

    2x barlow

    i want to know from a few telescope owners... should i get a 2x barlow???
  7. markvh

    buy an xt8i??

    what type of telescope do you have and are nebulae an galaxies clearly visible throught it?
  8. markvh

    goto or no goto?

    i'm wondering if i should get a goto telescope. bescause i dont think i will be able to find any objects in the night sky. should or shouldn't i???
  9. markvh

    buy an xt8i??

    I want to buy an xt8i dobsonian reflector telescope with goto fuction. Shoud I??? Please help. Thanks
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