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ADM Side by Side Bar

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I.m thinking of getting the ADM side by side mounting bar.Could someone elaborate on how the spring loaded clamps work.I take it its not the normal screw thread,so is the scope just held by spring pressure.If so how easy is it to fit the scope into the saddle,and also how easy it is to adjust laterally within the clamp to acheive balance.

If you have to pull on the knobs to compress the spring to open the apeture to fit the scope,that seems very awkward.

Or have i got it wrong.

Also is it a good buy.

Thanks in advance.


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I've got one - totally solid piece of kit. The clamps are spring loaded, but it's a screw mechanism that holds everything in place. the springs only help with release, if that makes sense (the springs help push the "clamp" apart - but the screws force it together).

It is a nicely made piece of equipment - I certainly have no regrets.


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The springs hold the moving part of the clamp away from the rail so when you undo the two clamp knobs it opens under spring pressure.

When you clamp the rail onto the SBS adaptor you are mechanically locking the rail into the clamp using the screw threads, the springs form no part of the load path.

I use the SBS adaptor for a ST80 guidescope and a Canon 600mm f4 lens and I get no flexing at all. Being able to move both scope and lens forward and backwards as well as left to right means get a good balance is pretty easy.

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