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It's my no.1 scope.

Been using it for years. Wouldn't get rid of mine unless I wanted to upgrade to the 10" version.

If you trawl through the pages of the Tal Users Group, there's lots of stuff regarding the 200K.

Any specific questions, ask away.



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Cool ... I got it for £30 2 years ago off fleabay - no idea what I was buying at the time though :p

I still have the QA document and signature in the wooden box as well. Just a little bit of history to add when I sell it for a fortune to fund my retirement ... erm ... :)

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6,500 Nor Kroner(roughly £500) is a decent price for the scope itself. I see that it is being sold along with a EQ-5 mount. So yes, that's a good deal. There is a 200K on UKAstrobuysell at the moment for £500, scope only. This one seems like it's in good condition, looking at the pictures and I'd say it's the F10 version(like mine) rather than the later F8.5 . I'd just say the usual regarding buying a second hand scope. Have a good talk with the seller, check the mirror for damage(don't expect it to be spotless, as it's an open tube design), it'll be obvious if there is. Look for the reflection of the secondary mirror/lens and make sure there's nothing obviously wrong there. Finally, if possible test on a star image and check that the star is a crisp point of light in focus. Unfocus slighty either side of true focus. Look for concentric rings around the dark central shadow(that is the secondary central obstruction). If you can only test during the day, look for a street lamp a few hundred metres away and you should get a crisp image of it with the 25mm eyepiece. You could try the 10mm eyepiece(which I think is there in one of the photos), but this probably will be too much power(200x) for daytime use.

I am heavily biased as I have a 200K, but I've had quite a few scopes since I got mine and not once have I been tempted to sell. It was my dream scope from when I got back into the hobby around 2001. I eventually got a second hand 200K about 6 or 7 years later. Not one day has passed that I have regretted that decision.

I would gladly recommend this scope, even if it is going to be your first. I'm not the only 200K owner on SGL, so you would have a few people to help with any questions or problems etc.

I can't help regarding the EQ-5 mount, as I've never used one, but I believe it works well with the 200K. If my memory is correct, SGL member SpookyKat, has this very setup. ie: 200K + EQ-5.



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I am still kicking myself for not buying one that was mint and offered to me for £300 a few years ago - still in its box and minty fresh.   :(

this one still has its original box as can be seen on the picture on the link I posted =)

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