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  1. I found this colour seemed to show the most detail, when I ended up with a monochrome image it just seemed to washout on me. My weakness is definitely processing. When I see what other people produce shooting the same object it shows I have a lot to learn!
  2. I did get a version without the trails, but in a strange way I sort of like this. Shows how busy the sky is!
  3. I have tried, but then processing is not what I would class as a strong point!
  4. Now that the nights are starting to close in it'll be time to spend some outdoor moments getting cold hands ... though not just yet as the evenings are lovely and warm(ish). Milky Way image. 36 x 1min exposures, stacked and processed. Nikon D3200, 14mm, F5. Astrotrac. Quite pleased with the result, especially catching the shooter. Just not sure how I get more colour into it (sure it has to be in there!).
  5. Cheers all. I'm looking into a small APO, as I no longer have the ST80. Possibly a 66mm, as an 80 maybe just a bit too large for the Astrotrac. Will have to wait and see.
  6. Thanks, and yes it is a shame, but I can live with it M31 was 9 mins, 3 x 3mins M42 was a mixture, starting at 20s, and going up to 90 secs mins, came out at 14 mins in total
  7. I have recently become a little (and I do mean a little) better at post-processing, so I tentatively revisited my M31 data. This image is only 3 lights, nothing else, and was taken using an ST80 with an un-modded Canon 1000D. I am very pleased with the M31 pic, despite the distortion. This next pic is a cropped image of M42, the Orion nebula. It is 20 lights, again nothing else, taken using an old (25 years+) 400mm camera lens, modded Canon 1100D, mounted on the Astrotrac. Focus is a little soft, but I now have a microfocuser to assist going forward. Constructive comments always appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thanks Dave ... I won't part with the few hundred quid as a test then
  9. It would be interesting to see how I could connect a violet cut filer to the front of my 4 different camera lenses - as it would involve step up / step down filter connectors of some sort.
  10. I have the Carl Zeiss 135mm Zebra F3.5 - not sure how this compares against the 2 in the original post though. Top of my shopping list is the TS microfocuser, as I am sure that will help me out with the sharpness.
  11. Thanks Steve, I am going to persevere with the 135 and 200mm lenses for now, but will probably look to get a small APO at some point (TS seem to do some nice 50/70 and 80mm APO's which I hope will control affects like this better).
  12. Thanks Jarrod - I have tried stopping down, and, like you, still suffer. I need to test a decent Canon L lens to see if that still suffers really, then I will know if it is just glass related.
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