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Play in dec axis

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I have finally got my tube rings to mount the C100ED that I bought from FLO at SGL6, the mount I put it on is a SkyScan 2001, basically an older version of the EQ3-2 and without a dovetail clamp.

The mount seems to take the scope quite happily but I have noticed a fair amount of movement in the dec axis when the clutch is tightened. This proved to be a right royal pain when I was attempting to view and image Saturn last night as it kept slipping away when I touched the focuser :D It also introduces a large wobble that takes an age to die down.

What can I do to help minimize the movement and make the image steady once more?

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there is a central nut without flats, like a large ali collar that is locked with 3 small grub screws, if you were to loosen the grub screws then nip up the collar that might help a fair bit, you have to remove the setting circles to get access, i will see if i have a link to a website that has lots of help and pics.....think its called astroboy or something like that

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Got it sorted now thanks to Pete :)

Loosening and then tightening those hex screws and that one set screw that hold the dec worm axis in tight seems to have done the trick, the slo-mo action is a little stiff but that might turn out to be beneficial. I can't see myself using the dec axis too much when tracking anyway if the polar alignment isn't too far off!!!

Thanks again and I'll see how I get on using the mount now, hopefully it is substantial enough to carry on using it with the C100, although I can see an upgrade coming as soon as I get some more wonga coming in :p

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