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Thats amazing Rog how on earth you manage these images is beyond me a big well done from me! :shock:

Glad the Atik done you proud, imagine what you would of got with the right conditions :clouds1:

Thanks for sharing Rog

James :clouds1:

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Hi Rog,

I can't find out a lot about this nebula! What Mag is it supposed to be. It's also very small estimates vary between 3" and 6" :shock:

I've been looking at images taken with SBIG with 7 minute subs and they are no better than your image.

So hats off to you mate! once again the Atik / Fast Star combination seems to be working wonders...

Nice one


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The central star is at the 11th mag , but the main nebula is much fainter , the outer nebula is very faint prob mag 30 , and does need excellent seeing , i have managed if you look closely to capture small parts of the more defined nebula in the outer part, but hopefully with my new camera when i get it , this image will improve a lot,



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