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So what do i do next with the camera


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So far i have only tried taking pictures directly through the telescope at prime focus with BackyardEOS, whilst this works quite well I was wondering how much it would cost me to try a different approach.

I would like to try piggy backing the camera onto the scope mount but i am not sure exactly how to commect the camera, there is a screw thread on the tube holding ring towards the rear of the tube but i am not sure how this would help as the camera needs to be looking at the same spot in space and the telescope would be and just screwing it on seems a little dodgy.....so....

What do i need (and how much will it cost) to attach the camera to the top of the scope in line with the tube and i suppose is there any point as i only have a 300mm zoom sigma lense to attach to it in the first place.....:rolleyes:

I presume the easier way would be to somehow attach the camera to the scope as before but also have barlows and eyepieces in the mix to increase the magnification of the pictures, saturn for example at prime focus is a bright speck with ears nothing like some of the saturn pictures i have seem posted on here :icon_eek:


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I've put my camera on that rear ring.

Just be very careful, when trying to catch the thread - but works ok.

The only thing that I has to do, was undo the ring, as the camera screw wasn't all the way up. (if that makes sense).

Also take the black screw thingy off.

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This camera attachment is designed to hold a SLR camera.

Just "wind " the camera onto the screw as far as possible then screw up the black bit ( it shouldn't be removed!) to lock the camera body onto the screw.

You can also add a heavy duty camera Ball and socket to this screw and then place the camera on top.

I use various 135mm lenses (Zuiko etc) with my Canon 450D for wide field spectroscopy.

Works reasonably well.

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