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light pollution result


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hi every one those of you who have read my previous posts will know

that i have a street light at the end of my garden which casts a horrible

glare in my garden

well about 3 weeks ago i spoke to a very nice lady at the lighting dept

of my local council  explaining why it was bothering me

and she said that she would look in to it .

lo and behold the same nice lady phoned me today and told me that

the light was going to be screened on my side and a shade that will

reflect all the light down put on what a pleasent surprise from a useally

unhelpful council

just goes to show that the polite and legal approach can pay off

regards cuban

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Hi Cuban,

That's a great result if only it was that easy across the country i have posted letters to my local council and lighting department on more than 3 occasions with no reply at all also my local MP of which i am sure they have too reply to any request? but nothing.

Well done matey!


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hi james have you tried phoneing your lighting dept direct you just might speak

to the right person like i did i think a lot of letters of this nature sit in a corner

gathering dust or put on the unimportant pile hope you have better luck in the


regards cuban

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Thanks Gaz, i was planning of letting it slip i know the Local Newspaper and was thinking of writing an article for them on the waste's of energy and tax payers money on such bad lighting......You get the drift.. :clouds1:


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