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M81 and M82 -Unguided


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I finally had around three hours of clear sky last night!! So out with the 200P/HEQ5 and Canon 1000D with targets of M81 and M82 in Ursa Major. The image here is 1h 42m of 2min subs, 20 Darks and 25 Flats stacked in DSS and processed in PS CS5.

For the first time the scope was controlled via EQMOD/EQASCOM.

Strangely(!) almost all subs taken were useable (51 out of 57 taken) whereas I usually find that around 40%-50% show trails,wobbles and bumps! (You know what I mean!). I'm sure that this couldn't just be down to EQMOD? implying that something is amis with the HEQ5 syntrek drive? It is possible that, as it has been removed and replaced on the mount, the scope was at a "sweet spot" of balance? Also I have removed the piggy-backed SW80 scope and extra balance weight that I'm sure was overloading the mount somewhat.


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That's a very nice image. I love the subtle detail that's come out in M81.

You must have your polar alignment spot on. How did you do it? Every rare clear spell, I have a go with EQAlign to refine mine. Getting a bit obsessive about it!

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Nice one Bizibilder - still haven't managed to get this one myself. I had a quick play with your image in PS and found that with judicious application of the dodge tool (midtones, exposure 50%) on the dust lanes you can get even more detail!


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