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Gutted of Manchester - Moon Mosaic!


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Just got round to processing a moon mosaic taken last November using my DMK mono and C8 SCT. Spent a couple of hours manually moving over the moon to compile the mosaic, being very careful to overlap. Had about 60 avi's in the end, and couldn't quite face processing each one individually in Registax. However, recently discovered Avistax, which easily does batch stacking and processing. Even the default settings were OK. So I ran the software with my images and found some gaps - gutted! Too late to go back. Lesson learned, try iMerge to check coverage live. Maybe investigate the Mosaic feature in EQMOD. Anyway here is the incomplete image :glasses1:.


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Thats a grand effort though with 60 avi's showing good detail. EQmosaic has built in overlap but have not used it yet - too scared to do a big mosaic!!! But don't give up as I am sure it just takes practice and you so nearly got it all.


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All (may) not be lost. When you processed the AVIs in Avistack did you to stack the full extent of the area covered in the AVI or just the area common to each frame of the AVI?

I'm still getting used to Avistack version2, so I can't tell you where this option is. In the old version (v1.81) it's in the bottom left hand corner - 'Crop' or 'Original size'

If you picked 'crop' when you originally processed them, then try reprocessing the AVIs around the missing area with the 'Original size' option ticked. You might recover much of the missed areas.

Ironically, if your polar alignment was out you are more likely to be able to recover these missing areas as you will have had greater drift during the AVI capture.

Best wishes

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