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Vertical Flip


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Hi John

I could be wrong, but I dont think it would matter if you flipped the image before processing and might actualy help you process the image better if your seeing it in its correct orientation. Im sure someone will correct me if I am wrong :(


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a small degree of re-sampling has to be done whenever you flip or re-orient the image

What should you do to an image once it's be reoriented Dennis? I tend to fiddle with the orientation of my images quite a bit and I've never noticed any difference in the quality of the image.

That may, of course, be down to the overall quality of my images :(

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I would use the Measure tool in Photoshop to measure the out of alignment and then go to Image - Rotate - Arbitrary and just click ok. PS will move it the right amount. If you are simply 90 degrees out then just rotate by 90 degrees.

The resolution is normally high enough that this rotation does not normally show. If you find that it does then re-sample the image before re-aligning.

Then process as normal.


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