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First DSO, Orion neb M42 core.


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I havent got my tracking sorted yet so this was taken on a stationary mount. I am not exactly an expert but I figured that meant fast exposures, so I went for a high ISO. This produced tons of noise as expected. To be honest I was a little impatient. I have been trying to get a first non widefield of orion for the last year but everything got in my way.

So I am actually pretty happy with this. Its a start ;)

I know there is more that can be brought out in photoshop but I thought I would save my effort and learn on an image with less noise.

This is a DSS stack of

10 x 0.5 second exposures

6400 ISO (yes really :p )

1 dark

550d through 150p, non tracking mount


Be gentle :D

I have spent ages in photoshop playing with levels and curves and although I can get slight red tinges in the right places it brings out hideous noise. Best wait for a better lower noise example when my tracking is working. So I left this with roughly the colour it came out of DSS.

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Very good effort mate!

Especially for un-tracked and on such a high ISO! ;)

Thought i might have a go at cleaning up the noise a bit for you by putting it through 'Noles Actions' and a few other minor tweaks.

Hope you dont mind.



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dont mind one bit mate, I need all the help I can get at this stage :)

Since your post I have read a bit on Noles Actions and it looks like just what I am after. Ideally I would like to do it all manually (eventually) but it would be great to see what direction I should be going in using preset actions.

I cant find a working link to buy it though, does anyone have one ?

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Cheers for the link, I did see that but wasnt sure its the same thing.

There is definitely a lot more in the tiff that came out of dss but its always going to hit a problem because of the noise. I managed to tease a bit more red out.


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