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  1. I think I will have lots of options with this, although it seems there are lots of clouds that want to spoil it for me for the next few days. I am watching the DHL van carry it across the country now, just got to get from exeter to london So far I have to echo what everybody else has said about FLO, great knowledge, friendly and of course very keen prices. Luckily my waterproof cover (quality stacked chair cover) arrived before it has. I plan to have a thin blanket on top of the scope with a thin tarp over that. Then the chair cover. Depending on how it fits together I aim to put a pvc frame
  2. Thanks and Grotemobile and m.tweedy, I have just bought the C11, hopefully I can work around the light pollution. I have some filters, quite high fences(now), and apart from 1 single security light (he will be getting a phone call) the immediate pollution isn't too bad, just general city light pollution, much of which the filter helps with. The ST80 is my first refractor too so although it is primarily for guiding I am looking forward to getting out and about with it too. Find some dark skies and gawp upwards. I suspect it will be a while before that happens, plenty to learn about the C11. No
  3. Thanks so much, really good advice, I am chuffed to see you actually read the waffle to see my circumstances. I am actually a little surprised, many people seem to push the 925 as almost as good in most situations but ignoring portability it just cannot be that simple. I am no arnie but quite strong. If they need to be split anyway (which I now know they do) then the 925 has no advantage, I am sure I can handle a 11 on its own. I still have my trusty 150p if I ever venture out with it and the startravel for holidays. My existing 150p is dovetailed to my modded mount so I should get the hang o
  4. Morning folks, The short question, for a garden setup, not likely to be taken out of teh garden at all but quite probably moved between a few set locations (in the garden) every few weeks, is the C11 XLT on CGEM going to be annoying or should I stick with a C9.25 ? The waffle, Long time no post, unfortunately real life got in the way and I haven't done anywhere near as much observing or imaging as I would like. The main reason is my garden is very overlooked and I am uncomfortable staying out there with just the sound of goto motors for long periods. It also takes ages to get my scopes to the
  5. Hey guys and gals, sorry for the long absence, once again life got in the way of hobby Last night I happened to spot how incredibly clear it was here in Londinium. I knew I didnt have much time before having to retire so I grabbed my dslr, rested it on some books pointing out my open bathroom window and left it taking shots every 30 seconds. After an hour or so I popped in to see how it was doing and was pretty pleased so I took a bit more care with the focus and exposure and repositioned for when orion emerges from behind the flats again.The result was even better. I joined them together an
  6. after reading all the 'nearly didnt' text I was expecting to have to try to be impressed , but no, mate, lovely pic. Every time I see a new pic of orion there is something new that I am drawn to. This one is just nice as a complete image. Nothing screams out, just a nice , complete image. Print.... laminate...
  7. I dont actually observe/image that often so I have a bit of a problem that I am capable of ignoring the cold until its too late, I dont have the experience to know when to pay attention to my nerve endings I dont really realise that because of my 'outside the back door, lenses in the kitchen' set up, by the time I give up to come in, I am frozen and so is the rest of my house, including all my previously warm clothes. Last time turned out to be minus 8 C. I would say for me that is the limit. At those temps you need a nice warm place to retreat to, without that its really hard to shake off th
  8. The advice so far is all good advice. For anyone wanting to get serious atroshots (which your hubbys camera suggests he would strive for) the most important thing is a stable EQ mount that tracks, these are not cheap. Dont get me wrong, I strongly believe you can get great joy from a more basic setup (like what I use) but if photography is the main goal you will hit a wall where the mount wont allow any better and the only option is to upgrade. You can get great shots using just a camera and a decent mount, and pretty good shots with what he already has (widefield shots, the moon etc). If yo
  9. Saturn for me. There is just something about it. I am a tad obsessed with orion in general, the whole area of the belt and sword but in terms of pure wow factor it has to be saturn.
  10. thats a really nice shot, I wouldnt like to catagorise it either but its nice to have views at all zoom levels in my opinion, really helps you to see the context of the objects. Is that a prime lens or zoom ?
  11. To reduce wobble, and assuming the 450d has IR, a IR remote can be about £3 delivered on ebay. The do normal trigger and 2s delay. Combine that up with mirror lock (if you have it) you can get extremely steady shots.
  12. excellent, this is great info to have, I am watching and taking notes is there an easy multiplier to convert these 35mm figures to the APS-C size sensor ? I am happy to take proof or example pics if the thread goes that way. (550d and a few lens options)
  13. You can stack non-tracked images to get reasonable results. Not as good as tracked but it depends what your hoping for really. I am very happy with my non tracked M42 pics. You will of course need to keep the shutter speed down which means you will need lots of subs i order to get the detail out. You may need to raise the ISO which unfortunately increases noise, making it important to take several dark frames.
  14. I found this page fantastically easy to follow :- Astronomy Shed UK Astronomy Forum • View topic - Superb Processing Tutorial My first DSO (orion like you) was only about a week ago so I am learning just as you are. The link (which I agree with) basically suggests to adjust the RGB/k levels so the colours are roughly even, leave the luminance, then use levels in photoshop to do the rest. Leave everything open and save lots of backups so you can go back and try another go. I am not the man for the job , still a total newb to it, but it looks like you have a fair bit of light captured there. Foc
  15. Can I just add, I know its very good advice to suggest anyone primarily interested in serious astro photography should only consider an EQ mount, you can still get extremely rewarding pictures on AZ or even non tracking mounts. If you want to record what you have seen (not get into astro calendars), and dont mind working to overcome shortcomings you dont actually REQUIRE a specific mount, or indeed a specific camera. Its just my view which I have sat on for a while because its clear EQ is better, but personally I dont think its absolutely required. The minimum requirement for astro photography
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