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use of a SCT focal reducer in a 'frac


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Assuming you have the spacing at the required 110mm then that will be the F number.

I will be interested to see some images from this as I have an ED80 and an F6.3 reducer but have never tried them both together.

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as the reducer screws directly onto the back of the ZS66 I was just going to leave it in place and use it for guiding and possibly a bit of imaging but mostly I will image thru the 132FLT. Just wondered if the ratio of 6.3/10 was still valid in a refractor.


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As Blinky said, if the distance to the CCD chip is near 110mm then you'll get the same reduction factor. Don't know about the quality of the image though....

Hopefully for the most part on guiding duties it will make the image brighter and the absolute shape of the stars isn't quite so important.

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