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if you stand back and squint your eyes........


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well fellow skywatchers, I've finally taken the plunge and posted a pic of Jupiter. I haven't made it easy for myself and the results aren't quite up to POW standards. Fortunately there's lots of room for improvement. Feel free to comment......oh! and if you stand back and squint your eyes the pic does look a bit like Jupiter :-)

The pic was taken through an 8" Skyliner Dob with 25mmEP

The camera was a Canon Powershot S90 compact digital attached to the EP with a digiscoping universal camera adaptor.

The settings were f4/9, ISO 200, 1/100th sec. Manual Focus @ infinity. I used a 5 sec self timer delay to avoid camera shake.

A few adjustments in Photoshop7 helped bring out some detail.

The pic was taken in less than ideal conditions, through a double-glazed window with a lot of light pollution. Focussing was difficult because I decided to focus through the camera after it was attached to the 'scope adaptor. I know it's not an ideal setup but I will try for better results when time permits.


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thanks Mark, I have an SPC900 webcam, just waiting for a laptop so we'll be able to try stacking a few frames. I must admit I was just messing about tonight and couldn't be bothered to go outside. I actually stacked 4 frames taken with the compact tonight using Registax but I think I managed to get a bit more detail from 1 exposure tweaked with PS7 than I did with the stacked frames. I've attached the Registax pic here :-)


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Hi, you seem to have pulled a little more detail in your second image. When digiscoping i have found it all to be about trial and error. My advice would be to try different settings until you find which give the best results.

It is a great feeling when you manage to image something through your scope and even if it is not pic of the week material, it is a start and we have all been through a similar process to try and capture images.

Keep trying and hope to see some more of your photos and most of all, just enjoy it.


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