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  1. Apologies if this has already been mentioned. BBC - Things To Do: Stargazing at Killhope hoping the sky stays clear :-)
  2. I totally agree about JMJ, here's "Ron's Piece" from the Rendezvous Album "The song has been composed to be played on a saxophone by Ron McNair aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger. It would be the first song played and recorded in space. The Challenger has been the second shuttle built, after Columbia. It went to space in 1983, on April 4, for the first time. Challenger was destroyed in the second minute of STS-51-L, the orbiter's tenth mission, on January 28, 1986. A defect in the fuel tanks caused the Challenger explosion. The explosion happened during the takeoff and all the crew members were killed, including the teacher Christa McAuliffe, the first civil person that participated os a space flight."
  3. am I the only one who remembers it?
  4. hands up all those who recognise the music Cosmic Ballet - Theme from a Summer Place - YouTube
  5. that's a good point Philip, I hadn't taken the time it would take to get the 35 exposures into consideration
  6. I remember "not being able" to go to work the day I got a phonecall to say my BBC Model B was ready for collection. It also happened one day when "I just had to" go to Barrow in Furness to pick up a gearbox oil seal for one of my bikes. That fell on a work day too. :-) Well, it's all about priorities isn't it? :-)
  7. a nice find for £25........and a nice little aeroplane at the top of the pic :-) I have a Canon Ixus 70 which I might mod with CHDK if that's possible, I'll check it out on t'internet
  8. oops!, we've all done it though. I was at F/4, ISO 800 & 15secs. If I get near 20secs the dreaded star trailing starts to show. Oh for a faster lens :-)
  9. The sky was crystal clear tonight so I thought I'd drive out of town with the camera and see if I could capture the Milky Way. 25 miles out of town at a reasonably dark site and with the moon very low behind a hill I still couldn't make out the MW and just to spoil things further a thin layer of cloud/mist began to form. Oh well, one of these days I'll see it, maybe trying on Friday 13th was a bad idea. I did manage to get some nice views of Good Old Orion though :-)
  10. this is what I should see from Tyneside, could be a good photo opportunity if the dreaded clouds stay away.
  11. no problem starman, I've tried the other type which clamps around the eyepiece and fits the tripod socket but it's a bit of a fiddle. If you go for the Lensmate adaptor you'll not be disappointed, nicely made kit, typical of the Americans. They do other Powershot goodies too :-)
  12. p.s. if you do a search on ebay for "Digital camera telescope eyepiece adapter" you'll find a few sizes. :-)
  13. this is how I did it, 58mm Digital camera telescope eyepiece adapter | eBay The G12 lens adaptor filter thread may be larger than the 58mm thread on my G9 adaptor but maybe a bigger eypiece adaptor is available. If not you might be able to find a step-down ring to 58mm pics attached, I hope this helps. cheers and Merry Christmas
  14. try Lensmate in America for a lens adaptor which will allow you to fit filters or adaptors. I have one fitted to my G9 and G2 (remember those?) and have been very pleased with them, the finish and fit are excellent. I also have some Lensmate mods fitted to my S90. You can find them here Canon PowerShot G12/G11/G10 Lensmate Products and Accessories good luck, and Merry Christmas :-)
  15. WOW! it's a whoppa! and so detailed. Thanks for sharing.
  16. that's an excellent Moon Dave, I've never thought of stacking moon pics so I must give it a try soon. I need to get my head round Registax first though, it's one of those programs that doesn't seem to like me :-(
  17. I fear this thread may be removed, it wasn't meant to be about the For Sale Section as such, more about the way some people these days don't really think about the consequences of their actions. It's too easy to fob somebody off when they're faceless/voiceless. Maybe it's just me and my "old-git" mentality. :-)
  18. apologies to all of the lady astronomers out there, my thread title might look a bit sexist.
  19. If my recent experience of attempting to sell a telescope is typical then I'm not sorry to see the removal of the For Sale section. I had 2 members interested in my telescope before the section was removed, after more than 20 PMs the first party agreed to buy and agreed a price only to pull out the next day. The second party did not turn up at the arranged time to view the telescope but promised he'd be there the following day. The following day a PM arrived instead telling me he wasn't going to bother. Both of these people had my mobile phone number but chose to inform me by PM. Astronomers, men or mice? Bitter? Me? never!
  20. don't forget folks, when you're imaging planets or the moon it'll be a sunny day up there for them so use similar exposures for a sunny day here on Earth as a starting point.
  21. UFOs at 1 min 40 secs - 1 min 45 secs
  22. a 200mm mirror will gather 77% more light than the 150mm First Light Optics - Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian hope this helps
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