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Need New Laptop

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The one that ive got now has to be plugged in at all times the

battery life is useless I have been looking at Dell inspirion 15R comes

with a intel i3 processor 15 months mcfee security for £ 430 has

anyone got one of these or can think of anything better cant make

my mind up on what to get

any advice would be great

kris :)

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Hi Kris...Ive had this laptop for last 12 months...Been very happy with all aspects..Battery life has been very good, realisticly lasts for about 2 hrs...£430 is a good price too..I paid £500 but wanted an upgraded graphics card, also wanted 500Gb Hard drive..Id definately recommend..


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I have the Dell 1555 and its been good for running all programms includ CS4 etc. My only grip is the in built mouse pad.....sometimes its sensitivity means it jumps and I end up typing over exisitng work...

It has a good screen and battery life pretty good (except in extreme cold...:))

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I'm in a similar need...to replace an aging ACER, but I need either a PCMCIA slot or an EXpress slot so that I can add a couple of 6pin Firewire connectors...

None of the specs you find on the Web mention anything about these ports...has anyone got a new laptop with these features????

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I went on the dell website you are right there a few different versions you have type the name of the laptop in the search bar and it come up with 3 15R with different processers the one im getting starts out at £ 450 once you have customised it like what colour etc the price comes to £430

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