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Jupiter at 240X


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Tonight was poor with regards to weather, but a gap in the clouds let me try my new 5mm eyepiece. I put it in and centred on Jupiter, and the immediate size of the disc was a great improvement over the 10mm - I could even see the two outer satellites as small discs rather han points. The surface detail was great - I could even see individual plumes in the SEB revival storm when the seeing settled for a few seconds, and the details in the NEB were also staggering when viewed up close - I saw many festoons, and (I think) a dark spot in the NEB, and another in the north polar cap. The polar caps showed some great detail, including streaks of light and dark, and some small dots around the edge. I can't wait for a proper observing session when it is nice and crisp with good seeing.

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Great, sounds like the seeing was good at your location. Just goes to show how seeing can give great views when it`s good. It took me some time to realise this. At first i thought there was a problem with my scope or the way i was using it but after i had some good seeing conditions and all the detail was there.

You must have had a nice view at 240x.:)

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