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  1. Had a nice clear night on the weekend of 20-21 January. Seeing was poor as has been the case pretty much every time I've been out over the last few months. The transparency after moon set was pretty good though, the murky light pollution across the NW and W sky was less obvious than normal, a good sign. The night was cold, felt like July infact and there was even some dew aswell. The Telescope's onboard thermometer was reading 9C at about 3.30am, well short of the average Jan overnight low of 15C at my location. This was my second major session with my 12" SDM dob, which has a Zambuto primary
  2. Well I managed to pull a rare observing session out of my hat just as the year was drawing to a close. After a record cloudy year, it was kind of ironic to get a clear night. The plan was to hunt some galaxies, then turn my attention to some morning planetaries in Carina. However, the seeing was an absolute basket case, but still had a successful night with a few nice galaxies under the belt. My plan to observe the managerie of tiny, bright high surface brightness planetaries in Carina was a bust though. Used the 12" dob for this session. Scope: 12" F/4.4 dob Time: 10:30pm-2:30am Seeing: 3/10
  3. thanks. It's an F/6, so same F/L as but the mirrors have been placed well inside of the tube ends to avoid dewing, hence the long tube. The mirrors are pristine, and are hand figured and very high quality as I've been told, one gentleman (other than the owner) stated that the views were "staggeringly sharp". Looking forward to trying this puppy out
  4. Already done my Christmas shopping and in the process may have condemned Melbourne and co to years of nonstop cloud. (oh wait, that's our average climatic normals already) Picked up this 8" dob on the weekend secondhand, but to be honest I had no less than 2 opportunities to try it since then, but 2am finishes at work put that idea in the coffin. Custom built, hand figured mirrors, fully flocked (it is super pitch black in that tube!), ready to go....but not before christmas Got it basically to fill the middle ground between my 120st and the 12" dob, with the aim of having something that's
  5. Thanks for your comments guys! Ganymede's true colour is actually a rusty golden-brown, it's Callisto that seems to have a subdued greyish colour. I got a nice contrast between the two as they were next to each other. The disk is very small even at 534x but still clearly a disk. To put a perspective on it, it's about half the angular diameter of Uranus. A 10 inch at 480x could well pick up the dusky shading on Ganymede, but seeing has to be *dead steady*, otherwise the tiny disk just blurs and jumps around in the turbulance making observation impossible. That's not possible. Thanks Doc!
  6. Sounds like you got some excellent seeing there!
  7. After having surgery on my toe, I thus had no work last night (Friday 19 Nov) so took advantage of the clear skies. 7timer predicted good seeing until midnight and skippy sky was showing 9/10 for the whole night. Seeing was very good from after sunset until about 12:30-1am, when it deteriorated slightly. Time: sunset-3am Scope: 12" F/4.4 truss dob Seeing: 7/10 dropping to 6/10 Transparency: 0/5 (nearly full moon) Spent the first half of the night largely on Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter At 267x, I caught the GRS just as it was dissappearing over the planet's eastern limb. The spot is pale and
  8. After playing with my secondary mirror trying to fine tune alignment for a few hours today it was pure luck it was clear to some extent tonight. I was planning mostly a planetary session as the satpic showed clouds enroaching, so probably would not have time for much deepsky viewing. Time: 8:00pm-11pm Scope: 12" F/4.4 truss dob Seeing: variable from 2/10 to 6/10 No dew tonight, which was a relief after several frigid sodding wet nights this year. Spent most of the night on Jupiter. At 8:10pm I caught the ingress of Io's shadow transit, with the moon itself visible as a dusky spot against the
  9. Thanks Darkersky! These sessions are all too rare thanks to Melbourne's poxy butthole climate This particular scope is no slouch when it comes to reeling in the faint ones, it's performance has really improved since I had it upgraded.
  10. Headed out last night after work for a quick session with my skywatcher 120 st refractor. Made this sketch of Orion's sword, using a 22mm vixen LVW eyepiece at 27x.
  11. Excellent sketches! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for your reports
  12. Excellent! YOur perseverance has really paid off. Nice sketch aswelll!
  13. Had some unprecedented clear sky activity in Melbourne on Friday Oct 1 and Saturday Oct 2. That particular weekend saw 3 clear nights in a row, which is a new world record for the 4.5 billion year history of Melbourne. Seeing was exceptionally poor both nights transparency was better on the Friday. Saturday started off a bit hazy, but seemed to improve in the early hours. This report combines the observations from both days. Scope: 12" F/4.4 dob FRIDAY 1/10 Time: 8pm-1am Seeing: 2/10 Transparency: 4/5 Dew: Light SATURDAY 2/10 Time: 9pm-3:30am See
  14. After 9 million consequetive cloudy milleniums, it finally cleared on what looked like a very unlikely day. Late a'noon around sunset, some storm clouds rolled in and to the non-initiated, it would have been a write off. But checking the satpic loops it showed that it would clear. So I set up the scope for a Jupiter and Youranus session. After the massive absence, I've learned a few things: A. I forgot how to use the scope B. A cable which connects the jumpstarter to the scope is apparently no longer in this universe, hence I was unable to run the fans and heaters. After trouble shooting poi
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