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Deep Eyepiece case


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Looking for a new home for my EPs and binoviewers. Needs to be able to hold 6" long Ethos eyepieces sitting *upright* together with lots of other (often chunky) eyepieces and large binoviewers etc etc. So the Maplin large flight case wont cut it. Placing tall eyepieces flat really eats into the space (will it even handle a 31mm nagler flat ?)

So...there are the Peli and B&W cases, both of which offer a wide choice of sizes etc. B&W seems a bit cheaper and probably just as good.

Does anyone have experience of these, especially the B&W ?

I'd be particulatrly interested in padded dividers vs. foam cube options. The foam is good but once you cut it you cant go back. As the equipment collection evolves you end up cobbling together stuff back together and end up with a sorry looking case. But will padded divdiers cut it I wonder.

The Peli and B&W cases are both waterproof. This I actually regard as a disadvantage. I'd prefer the equipment to "breathe" during storage.

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The B&W cases are fine. Not as well finished as the Peli cases but functionally probably just as good. The padded dividers are terribly overpriced and you could buy a few sets of replacement foam for the same price. The foam comes in sevral layers so you can often rearrange things a bit if you ned to.

The cases keep the dampness out and you can get a desiccant insert for them to keep the contents really dry.


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