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celestron skymaster 15x70 bins


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I got mine from FLO along with the large tripod bracket - absolutely spot on no problems with ghosting or reflections unless I deliberately looked at the Moon at the extreme edge of the field of view. The field of view is large (over 7 degrees) and the eye relief is excellent. The Moon is well worth a look at through them as is Jupiter. The other morning at 5am I was out with them looking at the Orion Nebula - very nice with plenty of contrast with the surrounding sky (I live in a heavily light polluted area). The nebula looked like thin strands of cotton wool resting on a dark velvet black background. You can hand hold them if you are well braced but to really enjoy them a tripod is well woth the money. When I want to have a proper session with them I set them up on a tripod and then sit down on a chair and enjoy the view and focus on what I'm looking at.

Hope this helps


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does anybody own these binocs and could possibly tell me are they any good? what can you see etc


In a word ........ great!

You can see a surprising amount and some things are just meant to be seen with large bins.

I use mine handheld 90% of the time. They are quite light for a large binocular and perfect for skimming around the sky. Auriga is a particular treat, the open clusters look wonderful. From a dark site, M31 is jaw dropping. The big surprise is the not so large DSO's. Things like M13, M81, M82 are all a lot easier to see than you would imagine.

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stop it russ =3 getting me all excited now haha xD but really i cant wait... i think i'l enjoy these more then my last scope, that is right aswell, no messing about just grab the binocs and start looking in no time.. plus using binocs will take a whole lot of strain off your back if your using them without a tripod.. just use a deckchair.. stick it in the recline position and your well away :) i think thats what i will do to start off with

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