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embarrising jupiters clinic improvments?

Pete Presland

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thanks to all that helped (space cowboy,thething,omneferuss ect....) :) i think i am slowly making some improvements


x3 barlow stacked 1000 out of 1500 not sure which night but the grs on show :D


x3 barlow stacked 1000 out of 1500 10.10.10 io transit as well


x3 barlow stacked 500 out of 1500 10.10.10

conclusions ?

1.don't think i had full auto un-checked,very important :D

2.x3 barlow = bigger image,more detail (next stop x4)

3.heq5 mount what a difference that makes,from the slow mo knobs on the cg-5

4.the seeing conditions !!!!! :p having not really imaged on a good night i thought the boiling effect you see on a bad night was the norm ;) but sunday night the conditions seemed much better.

got a long way to go but thanks to all that have helped:hello2:

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