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  1. ....all very well Dazza... but 'Auteur' status awaits the Full-length feature.. Cate and Jeffrey are keen, but cameo roles just aren't enuff, they say.. despite what you've done for Enceladus All Haill to Pat, I go with the longer subframes too... but regardless, Bro... these are gobsmackingly georgeous... tho' no doubt only your 'C B DeMille' period... sofar. What will you achieve with that Peter Jackson VX at your disposal ?! ....but lest the novice or passerby think it's "ALL in the equipment", let me disabuse them of that delusion!! Dazza has spent untold hard yards like a daemon-possessed draught-horse , not dallying with some dilettant delinquency delight deliciously dangled before him.. and fought his demons every step of the way... his 'silent partner' at every step beside him! ....if anyone desrved to attend that dinner-party with the likes of Gallileo and Newton, as a representative of Future Generations who appreciate the wealth of understanding that they bequeathed to us, then here I think is the work of two noble candidates... who, with more diligence and determination than dollars, have achieved and will achieve more and better than their detractors could ever imagine.
  2. US politics is the short answer. Those with influence continue to find faster easier profit from war than any potential exploitation of Selene. The sting to US pride caused by the Sputnik shock has now healed.. the USSR is no more. The current "small government" fervour in the US (and elsewhere Conservative politics holds sway) sees NASA as a "waste".. they see Science and Education as 'Socialist' and unnecessary.. their push for the privatisation of "Space" sees no further than space-tourism. In time, China's rise might change all this.
  3. Wow! "110 Ah"... you must need a forklift to move that baby around! ..does it take three months to charge it again after the 25yrs running the GoTo mount to flatten it ??
  4. the cheapshot answer is : "sure ya will.. if you use a short F/ratio achro! ..just aim it at any really bright target, like the full moon fer instance"
  5. black silk pyjamas... good for skulking about in the dark, solong as they don't 'swish' to loudly
  6. I think perhaps there's a bit of "one foot in the grave" about it for those of us who've come to it later in life and wish we'd "turned-on" to it decades ago! (although, it was narry so affordable back then!) Like lots of other things now available to the youthful and prosperous, the gear today is lightyears ahead of "when we were young"... it can make you feel decidedly neolithic by comparison!
  7. Glad to see this one 'bumped'.. I'd missed it before. lovely indeed.
  8. Gotta say John, it's fun watching that GIF, even if it is a bit too fast ...and first time I've seen the planet's limb peeking through the Cassini Division (in my short time in the hobby) Utterly amazing seeing for Brisbane... and after so many cloudy months!!! ...just gutted my personal circumstances deprive me of operational gear atm just curiosity, but do you follow RGB in that order? I see more of a G and a B limb.. We're touted to have a more active cyclone season this year.. so you may be in luck Happy "let's act like redneck 'murrikenz n wave da flag" day ....the transparency will be shot tonight, with the smoke of millions of bbq'd lambchops... and outdoor lights
  9. The best, nay only thing useful for this concept that I can conceive of (besides your own satisfaction in the DIY challenge) is where a small "orchestra" of Dob users could be "conducted" on a sky tour, following the 'green baton'..... a club/outreach/starparty type of thing, where a single small GoTo unit eg EQ3-GoTo, could serve a number of users simultaneously. cheers
  10. "No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit" your sig' ...but ""ooh! I'd never buy a MAK 'cos it might be too hard to collimate"" = your posts. HAHaaaaa...... now yer tellin me that others are luddites and knuckle-draggers you take the cake AB YES, we ALL have laughable foibles. .. phobias and ego-manias... but some of us must find a balance in our turgid little lives, that means every penny saved on yuppy mass-turbation or suprematist delusions, goes toward effective spending for quality-of-life opportunities,...like amateur astronomy pursiuts with the gear we can afford Tasco-Tesco-Gucci isn't necessarily the path for us all, yer know
  11. Dinner Parties !? ...why, the very idea is anathema to any genuine AA'er! We're all off huddled in some dank dark and cold crevice cringinging from the light-pollution caused by these glass-clanking dine'n'whine soirees! We nibble our rations in iris-dilated solitude, unblinkingly fixated in odd postures, averting our vision and ticking-off our Messiers
  12. That'd be the perfect solution for me.. but, the cost of that baseplate del'd to OZ is $77 !! Sofar can't find it available anywhere else, either.
  13. "By the way not all dovetails have the adjusting screws. Dovetails on the base of SCT and Maks dont have them for instance. " presumably, the dovetails are parallel to the optical axis from the factory.. solong as the dec head is orthogonal to the RA, no further adjustment needed.
  14. the screw adjusters on the dovetail are to get your scope parallel with the RA axis.. it corrects "cone error"...
  15. hehe.. or Barry McKenzie
  16. Onya cobber, that's a grouse scope yer got! You'll find this mob on SGL are a bonza lot
  17. Yup, coffee corrodes! had to use auto window-demister repair stuff to fix tracks on keyboard circuits because of spilt coffee, and it only took several days for the damage to take effect.
  18. if it works ok for now, and you have no other mount to use while it's pulled apart then p'haps best left as is... especially if any doubt about getting it back together ....but with those caveats, it could be a fun and educational exercise... as well as delivering some performance enhancements.
  19. maybe needs a little lighter touch with wavelets/processing to reduce the ring effect, just to polish it to perfection ?
  20. Well I hope you and Max have many many uplifting early mornings together ..just 'cos Orion will be up at 8PM in future nights, before you know it!, doesn't mean the owl-hours will be more poop than splendour, either! ..there's always something new and splendid on the horizon!
  21. Thanks Doc, I can see the virtue of that to a certain degree ..but to me, the zero-power end of "finding" was never the problem.. arm's-length fingers handspans n all that, easily judged by eye... in my polluted sky, it's been the step from finder to EP-view that has lost me.. the extra stars and reverse-from-RACI view and change of FOV... it's that intermediate step that matters to me.. between zero/10 times, and higher powers.. as for the OP... might be better knowing if we're talking 10" Dob or ED80 EQ mounted ???
  22. work, life, balance.... ? 25yrs of clinical depression (the first decade undiagnosed), then permanent disability with ruptured lumbar-discs, mingled with increasing estrangement from preteen children (now adults) as consequence of marriage-from-hell, exploited and abused and abandoned at every juncture by all and sundry..... yes, I'd like a lil' "work life balance"... any one, or all three! ....and some clear skies, good seeing, ...but mostly health. you can survive and manage very well on very little of anything else, but health (lack of it) is the kill-all. staring into (astronomical) space is much better than staring into the void that underlays the carpet of 'normal' prosaic existence..... work... life... balance... be grateful if you have them in any measure.... 7 million Bangladeshi remain homeless 4 months after their floods....
  23. There's nothing like those early hours and what the sky might hold in store for world-weary eyes.. rejuvenating miracle drops of wonder, that freshen the eyes and gladden the heart and reinvigourate the tired bones and sullied soul.... just don't step in the dog-poop
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