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pic`s at last

orion f6.3

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So far the lower leg sections have been removed and replaced with 1 1/4" x 1/4" (wall) steel tubing. I used the original bolts by cutting a new stop plate which is inside the leg housing (making it thicker) The lower part of the leg will be threaded and a 1" iron tee screw on to act as a heavy duty foot. I drilled the mount plate and fitted a bubble spirit level. Removed the Polar Scope, cleaned and realigned in its housing (now it focuses and you can see out of it) The motors have been regressed. I also undid and repositioned the RA and DEC locking bolts so they are bias to undone other wise the fall shut causing friction when you are manually slewing. Tracking is spot on, at 100x mag a star is right in the middle of the FOV for over 20 Min's. Inc the weighted dovetail plate I lovingly filed by hand, all in all the mods have added 9.5KG making it a very steady mount! orion

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