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  1. With a Strehl value around 99% and PV wavefront aprox 1/10PV wavefront I guess its time to order the Ultra Grade OO 24" f4 mirror set[/] c/w Hilux Coating. Price at just £6,355.00
  2. Knowing Barry......yes he would. Then either stop selling/producing 1/4 wave or move it to a different selling category, making hi-lux/1/6 wave the OO standard selling option.
  3. The cooling time is in ref to the skywatcher having a faster cooling time, no more. Once a mirror is at its optimum temperature extended cooling ie a fan will have an adverse affect, not an improving one. The name on a scope nor its cost has any bearing to myself, if the skywatcher was better than the OO I would still have one, it is not. My OO is a regular attender at astro meets and is met with admiration not for its build quality (skywatcher has the edge here) but the view at the eyepiece, giving people the best they have experienced. I assume the OO tested was FULLY collimated?
  4. Is this not the same as the "new" driver being given an old car, loving it, thinking it was great but slowly growing out of the love affair realising a newer better car will also get them from A to B only better? And if funds permit, why get a less quality mirror in which you will detect flaws in years to come when a high quality mirror will give years (or a lifetime) of service.
  5. Is this test based on a single or at the most a couple of nights testing? What about the temperature? one mirror will be fine at one and the other at another. Seeing conditions? and one big factor, you cant always use the same eyepiece in one scope and expect it to proform in another. I have had both the 10" version of the OO and skywatcher. The skywatcher is a great scope cooling in an hour or so, the OO takes 2 1/2 hrs to cool but blows the skywatcher away on EVERY single target.
  6. well, i had a 10" reflector dropped off by a courier. i mean literally dropped from his tail lift to the floor (4`). he got no signature from me!, i went in doors shutting it behind me. luckily i got a replacement.
  7. Generally it depends on how accurate the GOTO needs to be, the EQ6 gets a bit technical but i leave it to pick and if in view use the first ones it say use, the results always seams ok. Orion
  8. i have been using a pair of these http://www.amazon.com/Nikon-Premier-Binocular-Ultra-Wide/dp/B00006JK6A for over a year and find them much better for astro work than there small size would lead you to belive. orion
  9. Great news, even though my Hotmail was a free account the people at microsoft have recovered my account and I've reset my password
  10. Thanks, leave it out. I have changed my email on this account so any one who needs to contact me can. Thanks orion
  11. Just brought a Lixen LV 4mm eyepiece from some one who I need to send payment to. Some nice person has hacked my hotmail ( new address REMOVED BY MIKEP) and I cant remember the guys email. I think his name was Erwin? Cant remember which form site add he replied to me from. Any help would be appreciated Orion
  12. I had a similar experience, has any one else? Orion
  13. Not sure how the new NLP measure up but the older LV are fab I have :- 4mm (coming end of month) 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 25mm. Getting 2.5mm & 9mm ASAP. Orion.
  14. Just fitted one of these http://www.lake-renewable-energy.com/inc/sdetail/3769 into my failed halfords power store. Works a treat, and was the exact size. Added + & - terminals for charging with my gel charger. It is 22aph giving a welcome boost to depletion time. As this is a deep cell GEL it will give 400 cycles, so even if charged once a week it will last 7 1/2 years. Also it wont run down when not in use unlike a sealed lead acid battery. Orion
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