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Eyepiece advice

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Hello Paul, I also have the same scope as you. Was lucky enough to be given some plossls when I bought the scope, they are not branded but offer an improvement over the ones supplied. These can be picked up for next to nothing. I have only just started to replace them with TV plossls, am not able to give an opinion on these yet as the weather has not allowed it. Typical, cloud and rain for what seems like months. But these are in your price range. Televue does the 11mm not 10mm in the plossl range.

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Meade series 5000 Super Plossl are within your price range, they are good quality for the price and have a wider field (60 degrees apparent) and a better colour balance (IMO) than the Televue Plossls. 10mm they don't make but 9mm and 14mm they do. (I have one of the 14mm series 5000 SPs and like it a lot for general work, though the 12.5mm Baader Genuine Ortho is better for planetary work)

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The 150PL is F/8 if I am right. If it has a 2" focuser, go for something like a 25 and a 40mm, 70deg apparent field of view (AFOV) EP (for the 25 you could even use a 82 deg AFOV, that would fit, but they are more expensive). The Baader Hyperion 24mm has a good reputation, the Skywatcher 38mm Panaview also. Because the scope is slow, these should be fine. Even in faster scopes, many people are pleased with their performance.

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