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Dusty stuff from Les Granges...


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Was down at Les Granges with Fay and other members of the motley crew (Orpington AS) and would like to show one from that trip.

This image shows the area between the new star cluster IC348 (top left) and NGC1333 (middle right) on the Perseus/Taurus/Aries border. The field shows an interesting array of dark/reflection and emission nebula. For those with that type of camera, the bright star in the image is called Atik (the shoulder).

Getting an image like this from home would be impossible and from one of our monthly Deep Sky Camps would require a lot more subs.

Thanks a lot to Ollie for his warm hospitality during our week. What a lovely place to visit for some peace, quiet and of course great skies.

Field of view is approximately 5.3 x 4 degrees

There seem to be some colour gradients but after a couple of processes this is the best I've managed.


Capture details:

Exposure: 22 x 300s Lum bin 1x1, 15 x 180s RGB bin 2x2

Filters: Baader LRGB

Camera: Finger Lakes ML 8300 @-30C

Optics: Canon 200L lens@f/3.2

Conditions: Very clear

Sky Magnitude: approx 6+

Location: Les Granges, Haut Alps, Southern France

Date: 5,8/2010

Guiding: Lodestar + converted 50mm finder

Any processing tips gratefully received.



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That's exceptional and a real surprise since it is rarely seen like this. Any gradients seem to me to have been nailed down tight. Lovely glowing nebulosity and subtle detail abounding. I really do like this one for the reasons others have stated.


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