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SYNSCAN Firmware upgrade cable.

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I'm trying to upgrade the firmware on my synscan handset but I don't think I ahve the right cable?

I have a cable that I use for EQMOD this plugs into the socket on the left.Am I right in assuming that the actual cable for the upgrade plugs into the middle and is an rj11 to serial? (I have a serial port on my laptop so all good)

If it is an rj11 and I can't use the eqmod cable where can I get one from :blob10:

Or can a lovely soul post me there's and I'll post it back when I'm done?

Many thanks


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Well, eqmod isn't for everyone I guess.

The cable you need, should have come with the cable kit for the handset. It is a lot thinner than the HBX to mount cable. It is the smaller of the RJ connectors on the handset, and should terminate in a db9 serial connector for your serial port.

on the laptop. You should check in the BIOS to find out if that port is active. It may be disabled. Or you could use the serial to USB converter.

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