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Philips SPC900NC questions

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Hi All

I have just bought a Philips SPC900NC which should arrive in the next few days and just want to make sure that I order the right stuff to go with it



And I also believe that I will need a barlow to get image to an acceptable size

I have been looking at the Tal barlow for this as it seems a good price and well liked on here

But do I need the 2x or the 3x ( scope 2350mm F10 )

Will the 3x just be to much to get any sort of focus?

I have also read that the SPC900NC comes bundled with something called Vlounge which does not record video in the avi format

Is this just a case of not installing the Vlounge and installing a capture program that does ?

Thank you


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I s'ppose until you can get both , buy the 2x, since you can at least increase image scale by drawing the cam from the barlow if needed ;)

There's a free xlnt capture program called K3CCDtools, you won't need the "paid for" version . Re Philips s/w, strictly speaking you could use VLounge but ........ not the best , but you'll still need to install the s/w.

Read up on webcam imaging, it's not as straight fwd as at first would appear ! :mad:

It's a fantastic w/cam and you'll find it hard to sell when the time comes-I haven't quite gotten over selling mine yet !

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I have downloaded both programs to have a look at and both look very good

I just hope I have not started myself on a long and costly slippery slope but saying that it had already started when I bought a scope ;)


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Would it be the SPC900 that just went for £42 on ebay?

Yes it was I have been after one for a while but they seem rarer than a cloudless night

Ive read on the forums that you can get them cheaper if your lucky but as it was there I had it


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