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Helios Apollo 22x85 vs Quantum-4 25x100


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I am also thinking of upgrading to some big binoculars, and both of these bins are on my options list - sorry enigma I have no experience but would be very interested in any owners opinions out there.



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The 25x100 has only slightly more lightgrasp because it is not 100 mm full aperture.

The Apollo has 84 mm true aperture. Views are bright and most colorfull.

The Apollos (=BA8 Kunming series) are very good binoculars. Good coatings, big prisms, nitrogen filled, sharp FOV, very good contrast

FWIW the Apollo would be my first choice the Quantum my second.

Don't forget the Apollo 22x85 has a bigger FOV also

I own both the 15x70 and 22x85 BA8 series binocular.

I own a 10x60 quantum 4 too. (Quantum 4 = Kunming BA3 series) Views are less bright , too much eyerelief but an overall very sharp field almost to the edge. Reduced aperture.(probably in favor for shaper views at the edge)

I don't know how much the 25x100 resembles the specs of the 10x60. Still i believe the quantum 4 are nice binoculars but still not up to the level of the BA8 series.

On CN you can find reviews and test of both series of binoculars (See binocular forum - Garreth signatures


see also http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=1351

The oberwerk 25x100 is the quantum 4

Read also this


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"Sorry for the hijack....do you have a picture of the ez tuch set up?"

Here's you go. It works very well. Everything is pretty steady. If I had to find fault, it would be that you need to keep good control of the geared centre column as you move it. There's a lot of weight pushing down on it. Of course, once it's in position and locked down everything's fine.

The L bracket came from Altair Astro but i don't see them on their site anymore. No doubt someone else will do them as well.




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The original head was 'ok'. Good enough to not need an immediate upgrade (at least with the 15x85s). The improvement in moving up to the EZTouch is very noticeable though. It feels much more substantial (cos it is) and is easier to use - it's smoother and it doesn't have any long handles sticking out that could foul the tripod legs.

Overall, I think it was a worthwhile upgrade.

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