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  1. Nick P

    The sun today

    Wonderful sketches, thanks for posting
  2. Beutifully done, l like the subtle features
  3. Great detail, wonderful drawing
  4. Lovely sketch great detail there
  5. Outstanding sketches Todd, really enjoyed the detail, thanks for posting
  6. Beautiful set of sketches, thankyou for sharing Nick
  7. Nick P

    Messier 1

    I really like the style of your sketches, almost photographic
  8. Thankyou all for your kind words
  9. Great detail, and a strangely haunting atmospheric sketch - I keep coming back to look! thanks for sharing
  10. Really like the 3D effect, something to aspire to!
  11. Managed to see the GRS on Jupiter last night with a 90mm refractor - Im very impressed with the detail I can see with this little Evostar Below is a scan from my log with sketches and descriptions at 75X and 150X Hope its OK posting this here? All the best Nick
  12. Nick P

    Hello Again!

    Hi Pip So far I've found the EQ2 with the little frac to be fine, the image stabilises after about a second if I tap the tripod and about three seconds when focussing (even at 150X - 180X), even more surprising there is no image shake when using the slow motion control in RA which makes tracking a doddle! I was expecting to upgrade the mount pretty quickly but I don't think I'll need to... The sad thing about the sea air is there probably isn't a solution for salt residue on the mirror - I had mine here for about 5 years before the coatings showed serious degradation - Im sure yours
  13. Nick P

    Hello Again!

    Thank you all for the very warm welcome back :-) Skies have been pretty clear for the past week here - long may it continue for everyone!! Nick
  14. Nick P

    Hello Again!

    Hi All, Haven't posted here for quite some time so I thought it right and proper to say hello again..... So hello everyone and thank you for maintaining such an outstanding resource as SGL I'm very much a visual observer of the night sky and used to enjoy the views from a very nice Orion Optics short tube 8" reflector, unfortunately two catastrophic events conspired in its ultimate demise....... 1. Living next to the coast I hadn't appreciated the effect sea air and condensation has on mirrors. 2. Children! Long story short, having removed the mirror cell from the tube
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